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Ebola, HIV and other viruses

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Necronom 4

In Prometheus, we learn that Shaws father died from the ebola virus. We here David say to Shaw, after Holloway got torched, that her father and Charlie died, "In such similar curcumstances."

Have the engineers tried to wipe us out several times in the past, using different methods? Using different viruses, deseases and parasites?

Did the engineers create us to be used has test subjects to create antidotes for themselves?

Is the Giger Alien a manifest of one of these "viruses?"

Or are they using us to develop something that will wipe out the Giger Creatures once and for all?

9 Replies


Myself and a couple others also noticed the Ebola connection, I think it's a very important plot point that most people ignore, props for noticing too. 

Shaw's father and the Sacrificial Engineer died similar deaths (Ebola connection?)

Ebola and the sacrificial engineer

The Ebola seems to attack the body much like the effect of what the sacrificial engineer drank. 

"The Ebola virus attacks connective tissue multiplying rapidly in collagen. Collagen is the tissue that helps to keep the organs in place. The tissue is basically digested by this virus. Spontaneous bleeding then occurs from body orifices and gaps in the skin, such as needle puncture marks and rips that can suddenly appear. Death is caused by huge loss of blood, renal failure, or shock."

Cerulean Blue

If the sacrificial Engineer's death resulted in our creation, then maybe we are the 'virus' that was created?  We are what is not indigenous to the planet, so the Engineers wanted to get rid of us before we ruined the whole planet? 


I like to think of it as more of just a simple virus and to me the mutagen is much more than a 'virus' yes they can influence a species to a degree but they do not create, they destroy and consume. Except that Ebola doesnt break the whole molecular structure down to simple DNA parts and nucleic acid. Ebola eats you from the inside out and kills the human body tissues. I guess we'll have to wait for the second movie to find out.

<p>The Anunnaki were on the earth in those days--and also afterward--when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, mighty men of high reno


Us and the Engineers have more in common than we think. They search for answers and origins as we do. Colonizes worlds like we do(in the movie). Create weapons, kill, clone, sacrifice etc. But the origin questions is something that will never be totally answered. Its an unsatiable appetite to think there is more when there isnt. We are born, we live, we die. It could be the Engineers were trying to kill us all those years ago. And have been systematically trying to kill us with Viruses. I think you could classify the xeno as Death incarnate. I think they create to destroy. But they offer up us as the sacrifice to Death so as to avoid their own demise. Possibly why they have been around for so long. Or its much simplier than that and its just a weapong that they lost control of. Although the Engineers create life and this xeno would be the balance to that equation since it would be Death.


So upon reading other articles it seems as though the xeno is a weapon. Which makes sense.

Necronom 4

It's a possibility that we were targeted for destruction because we have FLAWED genetics.



I'm with Anunnaki50 - I think it's more than just a virus - but an interesting fact is that Ebola has a possible antidote - the extract of a tree called Garcinia Kola has been used in African folk medicine to slow down the virus' replication, and scientists started looking into it as well for a possible cure.

The idea that a tree holds the cure for death is an important part of the Christian narrative, so maybe we will see something like this in Paradise (maybe what Weyland was looking for does exist).


Pretty sure if they had tried to wipe us out they would be successful! Like squashing insects if they are indeed 100s of millions in advance of our technology! 

. . . . .


Human DNA is pretty much a protein. Viruses are proteins that make copies of themselves. Which is why a lot of sci-fi movies make light of this..that the human race is itself, a an extent. Viruses also mutate over time and evolve. 



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