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Ridley Scott's Prometheus Sequel Coming March 4th, 2016?

Ridley Scott's Prometheus Sequel Coming March 4th, 2016?

Scified Prometheus Sequel News 2014-03-20 23:10:46

According to a fresh report by THR, 'an unnamed Ridley Scott film is set for March 4, 2016', in addition to a number of other titles 20th Century Fox plans to put out over the next 2 years.

Though no official word is confirming that this is in fact the release date for Prometheus 2, many outlets have begun to speculate the fact - and we're one of them! Despite recently being told by CineWorld that Fox planned to release Prometheus 2 on November 27th, 2015, this new mention of a March, 2016 release date seems more likely. 

Though Fox and Scott have both remained tight lipped about the highly anticipated sequel to 2012's sci-fi thriller, they have been quite vocal in announcing that they had hired a writer, Jack Paglen and that the project was still alive and well. Back in October of 2013, Ridley Scott even confirmed that writing for Prometheus 2 had wrapped up and that they were 'ready to go'. In November, the following month we also heard from Prometheus / Prometheus 2  actor, Michael Fassbender, that the project was on its way, but assured us that Fox and company were taking their time to come up with a solid story. With such a polarized reaction from movie goers back in 2012 when Prometheus hit theaters, it's no surprise that they're taking their time.

Whether or not March 4th, 2016 is the projected release date for Prometheus 2, it is exciting to know that the project is still alive and will probably be released within the next 2 years. With 2015's film lineup already jam packed with sci-fi blockbusters, it would make a lot of sense for Fox to hold off on releasing Prometheus 2 for the following year.

But what do you think? Do you think this 'unnamed Ridley Scott film' is indeed the sequel to Prometheus? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and be sure to also let us know your hopes for Prometheus 2 as well!

Source: THR

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Posted by Chris Picard on 2014-03-20 23:10:46


Necronom 4 ›

Well Ridley has got a huge catalogue of projects so it could be any one of them. Is there nothing else to go off other than an assumed date for a possible Ridley Scott project? No other details?

Svanya ›

Don't forget he will be doing Blade Runner 2 and Wool, so who knows.

shambs ›

If this being distributed by FOX, I doubt it's Blade Runner (in that case would be with Warner bros), but could be Wool or Prometheus 2. Furthermore, it is assumed that the script is being written.

Terminated ›

Hollywood repoter has contacted Fox for comment they responded back but was told not to post anything yet..The studio wants to make the announcement...Seveal site staff have said that they were told that indeed it is Prometheus 2 from other sources.. So i guess we will have to wait and see when the studio decides to make the announcement.

Svanya ›

@Shambs: Good point about the studio, however the Blade Runner script is also being written.

"Yeah, we're working on Blade Runner 2 right now - that will happen sooner or later."-Ridley Scott

I also forgot to add he plans on doing an adaptation of The Forever War. 


123Engineer ›

Finally another release date! :-)  But I don't think it's the release for Prometheus 2.... 

It could be the release date for the Football Film or The Forever War.

But it is more likely that it is The Forever War. The release dates for big films is publishedearlier than small films like The Football Film.

It can't be Blade Runner 2 because its Studio is Warner Bros. and not FOX Studios. It also can't be Wool because J. Blakeson has already signed to direct the film. Ridley Scott is going to produce it. Except these films, there are no other films, Ridley Scott is going to direct.

However I am looking forward to all of those films. 


Release dates we know so far:

Exodus - 12. December 2014

Prometheus 2 - 27. November 2015

The Forever War - 4. March 2016

Batchpool ›

IMO all the other possible films that could be released do actually have an official name. Prometheus 2 doesn't. So to say Scott is releasing an unnamed film would make sense. The chances are that Prometheus 2 does have an oficial name by now, but I think that when that is announced it will be to quite a fanfare.

Svanya ›

ROFL Batchpool your gif!! That's hilarious!!! Posting it in case you change it, for context. XD



I'm thinking Wool, but who knows. "Unnamed" Why would they want to torture us?

meshuggah ›

^ But J Blakeson will be directing Wool, Ridley is simply producing, so I'm a tad optimistic that it's what we think it is.

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