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Exclusive: Prometheus 2 Casting Update! [CONFIRMED]

Author: Chris Picard | May-19-2013 3:33 PM

News on Prometheus 2 has been slow as of late. We're nearing the one year mark since Prometheus hit theaters last June and in the past month and half we've heard some concerning news, followed by some confusing news. At first we heard that Prometheus 2 was struggling to find a story, which was quickly debunked by Prometheus co-scribe Damon Lindelof, when he personally put the rumor to rest. However, today we have some more positive news for those eager for the Prometheus sequel!

I received an email this afternoon by someone who claims to be working close to the Prometheus 2 project. This individual, who will remain anonymous, offered information on Prometheus 2's casting situation.

According to the source, Ridley Scott, who is still set to direct Prometheus 2 has apparently met many times with an English actor named Rik Barnett for an undisclosed role in Prometheus 2. The source adds that Rik's potential role could be connected to Noomi Rapace's character (Elizabeth Shaw).

Rik Barnett potentially cast for Prometheus 2

Our source adds that until the script is finalized, anything is possible and nothing is final, but they do hint at the strong possibility that Rik Barnett will have some kind of role in Prometheus 2. The fact that Ridley is reportedly personally meeting with this actor on multiple occasions, suggests that his role will not be a minor one and with the hint that his role could relate to Rapace's Elizabeth Shaw adds further speculation!

But who is Rik Barnett? Well, He is an English actor who won best supporting actor award from Ibiza International Film Festival in 2010, for his work in Rebels Without a Clue. You can learn more about him on his website as well as a history of his works, by visiting his IMDB page.

Fans will agree, it's great to have some news on Prometheus 2 finally, especially after the bit of concerning rumors which were circulating about a month ago. But with this update, assuming Rik Barnett does get the role, what role do you think it will be? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

UPDATE: A second, very reliable source, who will also remain anonymous has just confirmed this news to me. However, like the initial post, nothing is yet set in stone as the plot for Prometheus 2 is still being worked on. But as of right now, this news is confirmed by 2, very reliable sources. - Enjoy!

Special thanks to our anonymous sources for the news and insight. We will continue to bring you the latest news and rumors on Prometheus 2 as the information is presented to us. To stay up to date with all the latest happenings on Prometheus 2, be sure to bookmark, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and become a fan of our Google+ Page! Don't forget to also discuss Prometheus 2 in the Prometheus 2 Movie Forums!

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Comments (20)

Lone ›

It's great to have some news which suggests that there is some forward movement!

I've never heard of this young man before. Sure we will be seeing lots more of him if he is involved with Prometheus 2.

Hmm......his role relates to Shaw? A brother? A young Engineer who helps Shaw?

Or he might play her Father in flashback scenes, when he was younger? Haven't a clue really!! :-D

Major Noob ›

Perhaps he is the mature Deacon.

Lone ›

That's it Noob. Shaw's Deacon 'Grandson'!! :-D

shambs ›

For a moment I thought it might be a young Peter Weyland but according to the source is related to Shaw, then I have to agree with Lone :D

Svanya ›

So does this mean Shaw and David are not the only ones left? Did a rescue vessel get sent? Is he playing some other role in flashbacks?? Who is he in relation to Shaw, a friend, family, aquaintance? OMG so many questions.

cuponator3000 ›

ahhhhhhhhhhhh so many more questions!! every corner we turn there is a question haha!! but it is good news. glad to hear it's moving forward

Custodian ›

Barnett will be the corporate guy from the covert Yutani ship that's been monitoring the whole sequence of events on LV-426.

There'll be a massive narrative fill-in between the point where Shaw abseils from the central opening of the crashed juggernaut to the point where a second juggernaut takes off; that'll be the Pro~2 content. All takes place with 'that blue thing' chasing after the pair and the crew of the Yutano#1.


Chris Picard ›

Not sure how much I can say... but this news is pretty much confirmed now. ;)

Lone ›

You must be well chuffed Chris!

I'd like to thank the 2 anonymous sources too...... keep it comin' I say!! :-D

Membrane ›

So, I just read that Scott's biblical epic, 'Exodus', is getting a December 12, 2014 release date. I assume that 'Paradise' is next on his list. Can he get 'Paradise' wrapped up for a summer 2015 release? If the story for 'Paradise' is being ironed out and Scott is talking with actors at this time, I'm hopeful. But at the same time, it will be a rough 2 years waiting for it. :)

natalie ›

mature Deacon)) just hope she'll stay alive

a_stool_sample ›

How about this for a sequel. So shaw and David take off at the end. Maybe she goes and finds the engineers home planet only to discover the main reason for their weapon of mass destruction was to defend themselves against a hunter race known as the Predators? But maybe the whole predator/alien saga is a little played out?

Membrane ›

Yes, I've thought about this too, but not sure the angle works considering how the pictograms insinuate Engineers were inviting humans to LV-223. It's something like this... humans were just a "test-tube" to create a weapon to defend the Engineers from something. However, the Engineers were essentially wiped out and they never made it back to Earth to retrieve, continue and/or eliminate their "experiment". But that something the Engineers are defending themselves from should not be the Predators (as much as I like Predator), it should be something new.

franco_0111 ›

I agree with Membrane's idea. I think that the mystery of that "something new" should remain. In fact, mystery must always remain about something else in the Alien saga, that's a vital part of the attractiveness in all of it. If we reveal that those enemies were something we all know of (Predators) it would steal away the mystery, the same one that we were left with when Ridley Scott made the original Alien movie when we saw The Spacejockey just for a moment.

Maybe they could show us which was the Engineer's enemy only in part, not the whole beings or idea. That could be more interesting I guess. Sometimes it's better when you don't have all the answers. Ain't that, after all, what keeps us guessing about our own universe, the real one, when we think what beings or things beyond our imagination could exist out there, how could've life evolved out there, beyond our grasp?

Visionary Alpha ›

I think the young actor will be playing a human like creation the engineers especially make to help introduce her to their world and show her around.

I don't think the engineers will have too many problems of their own, and definitely not anything on a level like they needed humans to defend themselves. They are like the direct servants of the gods in Ridley's universe, and their only "enemies" are those of their own kind who have gone against the gods like Satan and his followers went against God.

BigDave ›

Well it will be interesting to see where they will go with this, as this Actor is young looking and who knows what role he would play.

Paradise has many possibilities, as we can only look at Star Wars and Star Trek as to the number of different Humanoid Races there are, and thus surely these Engineers may have seeded life on more than just Earth?

Looking at the scenario though leaves us with 3 main Possibilities as far as Engineers on Paradise...

1) They are all gone, maybe just few left in some kind of Stasis?

2) They simply dont care and do not see us as a Threat, but that would surely change once they learn Mankind found LV 223 and now their Home world.

3) Maybe they did not know about our creation at all, and its essentially a rogue group of Engineers who decided to steal and use the Elders Tech to go and create a race to serve this fraction and then to ultimately wipe it out.

Visionary Alpha ›

@Big Dave:

That we found LV 223 and their home world might be a surprise, especially if they don't even know about our creation, but in a universe filled with many different humanoid races, many of which having come to the stars a lot, Shaw's arrival with a decapitated android won't be that frightening. That she has a juggernaut with a cargo of WMD does count for something, but that was technology no one even found a reason to guard.

Shaw may encounter a hostile faction of the engineers, too. David may also lie to her and take her to that opposite place to Paradise. Even if humans advance 1,000,000 years, however, they will still be "nothing" compared to the parent civilization of the engineers, who seeded life everywhere millions and BILLIONS of years ago (at that point already having superior technology to anything humans have in the movie). The engineers are like humans, only their brains are much bigger. This is to say that they are capable of greater innovation and accomplishment than we are. Thus, they use every year better than humans do and there quite literally will never be any catching up unless that civilization is dead or stopped by some other, paramount threat in the universe.

SnarkMagellan ›

I would really like to see the Predator's planet, much like the bit that was showned in AvP Requiem, on account of the Predalien's bust aboard the Predator vessel and the arrival of the reinforcements to combat it. What if, Engineers xenomorphed Alien and it was a bad experiment, then xenomorphed Predator to pacify it and then xenomorphed humans to keep them all busy while figuring out something even more gruesome, hey?

"Did IQs drop sharply while I was away? I already told you it was a derelict, not indigenous, do you get it?"

muddy ›

why should we assume that the other juggernauts ALSO contain the wmd/vases? & fuggedabowd any "predator" angle; scott HATES the avp franchise! it's played, & the "aliens come to the big apple" & meet their match in the "hood" scenario was the nail in THAT coffin...

brego ›

Please no Predator.... Like it but its really not this kind of Sci Fi.

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