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Prometheus 2 struggling to find a story?

Author: Chris Picard | Mar-27-2013 3:06 PM

As the title of this articles suggests, it would seem the recent reports of Prometheus 2's script being "incredible" and proceeding well, are not in fact so. Bloody Disgusting reports that sources close to the sequel claim that both Ridley and 20th Century Fox are struggling to find a story for the Prometheus 2 and it's eventual trilogy. But why? Apparently, they're placing blame on Damon Lindelof, the one who received most of the criticism upon Prometheus' release. Find out why below...

UPDATE: Damon Lindelof recently answered to these rumors -- read it all here


As most of us on this website know, Damon Lindelof was brought on to polish up Jon Spaihts' Prometheus script, originally entitled "Alien: Engineers", due to the fact that Spaihts' script linked directly to ALIEN and left little room for expanding the franchise.

Lindelof was hired to expand the story, and he did. Spaihts' original script took place on LV426, the same planet which both ALIEN and ALIENS took place on, Damon changed this location to a distant moon - LV223, a totally different location. The Juggernaut ship in Prometheus was also originally supposed to be the Derelict craft from ALIEN, but that also was changed. Everything connecting directly to ALIEN basically, was altered or removed to save for a later sequel. Here's what sources close to the project told BD:

Sources close to the sequel have told Bloody Disgusting that the studio and Scott are literally "freaking out" over how to continue the story of Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace), and are taking pitches from basically anyone who can crack the story*. While a sequel is nearly inevitable, it definitely puts it in flux, and in a state of jeopardy.

Ultimately, it was Damon Lindelof who convinced Ridley Scott and Fox to spread the film out into a new trilogy. This would have been fine, except, Lindelof dropped writing Prometheus 2 and left Scott and company wondering what to do next in terms of plot development. But is it true? Hard to say, since the only "official" word on the sequel we've had since June has been Ms. Rapace's mention of it where she said things are moving along well.

I find it very hard to believe that Ridley Scott and Fox are having trouble developing the Prometheus sequel story. I mean, just look at the Prometheus Community Forums here and look at all the theories and ideas which fans of the franchise have developed on their own! If you look through some of our most popular discussions here, you can piece together a very interesting and fulfilling trilogy, which stays true to the franchise. All Fox has to do is flip through a couple topics here and they will find a treasure trove of ideas. But my point is, if fans can come up with an enticing plot, why can't another screenwriter?

Now, granted the ending of Prometheus left with one avenue to pursue and that was to discover the Engineer Home World. But it doesn't have to necessarily. The beauty of Prometheus is that it did open up the universe to more possibilities. So, there is no reason why Scott or Fox would be having trouble developing the sequel. But that's my opinion. What do you think? Do you think Prometheus 2 could be in trouble?

What do you think should happen in Prometheus 2? Let us know what you think by posting in the Prometheus 2 Online Community Forums or in the comments section below!

Source: Bloody-Disgusting

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Comments (63)

Custodian ›

Yeah, this is TERRIFYING news ... up 'sh*t creek' without paddle?


Svanya ›

Sources close to the sequel have told Bloody Disgusting that the studio and Scott are literally "freaking out" over how to continue the story of Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace), and are taking pitches from basically anyone who can crack the story

Oh no... What is this article based on?? Any truth to it?? That doesn't sound like Ridely at all imo.

Hudson25 ›

I recall an earlier interview with Lindelof shortly after Prometheus opened, that he forewarned Ridley about being prepared to suffer some backlash over the plot of the movie by not answering many of the questions the movie posed to the viewers and saving most of the answers for the inevitable sequel(s).

With that said, I thought they already had a sequel written up (maybe not in script form) but at least a solid outline of what's to happen for the sequel. I'm kind of shocked that they're finding it hard to find inspiration for writing a script on this.

I agree with you Chris, I think the fan forums on here are ripe with creative ideas for the sequel(s) all FOX needs to do is get a pen and pad and take some notes from them if they're that hard up for help on this.

It'sLikeAnAnthive ›

I find it really hard to believe that Fox, Ridley and other screenwriters are having a difficult time coming up with anything. Prometheus was very open to interpretation which, although it could be a little bit of a hurdle, it would make sense for it to be a good thing. If us fans could come up with it was all just a dream David was watching to the fact that Shaw make it to "paradise" etc. etc. not to mention, every idea that basically covered EVERYTHING in between. A studio should be able to. I'm really not sure whether said "source" is even worth listening to. Maybe Ridley is being picky or wants something that so far he hasn't seen from those around him and is waiting for the right story to come about. Then again maybe it's to open to interpretation and Lindelof really did "screw them over".

Hopefully we will get a Prometheus 2, I think at most it would be delayed because I don't think they can expect fans to just let the fact that all those questions are unanswered, be swept under the carpet.

I think every script goes through a "what in the hell are we going to do" phase. Doesn't surprise me, they've just got to think it through and it will hopefully work out.

Custodian ›

See, when you're writing something for that much money, all your millions of sexy intriguing mesmerising narrative questions usually have pre-processed answers waiting at the resolution end of your product, be it a one-shot prequel or a multi-film reboot.

Oh, Lindelof + Lost ... literally gallons of question question question for like SIX YEARS. Finally crimped off like 'the proverbial log' some time in series 6.

Now is my Prometheus Reboot thread looking 'that udly or sacriligeous'?


claudius ›

i think it s true that have trouble with paradise script because ideas from the starbeast is game over they don t have from what to inspire .only bad news ....

Svanya ›

I recall an earlier interview with Lindelof shortly after Prometheus opened, that he forewarned Ridley about being prepared to suffer some backlash over the plot of the movie by not answering many of the questions the movie posed to the viewers and saving most of the answers for the inevitable sequel(s).-Hudson25

Yes I remember him saying he warned Ridley as well. I don't blame Lindelof at all for this, he's very brave in my opinion and I don't think anyone should keep blaming him. :/

claudius ›

I think that the real issue is weither shaw and david would be the only cast-human and android actors in the sequel.

claudius ›

I'd be more worried if they came up with one so easily. Who wasn't bewildered by what would happen next at the end of prometheus. Going to the engineer world should be something that is totally unexpected yet amazing cinematic experience

shambs ›

Oh, come on! FOX and Ridley, is not so difficult make a story for a sequel, and as Chris said you just have to come to places like this. Another thing is that you do not want.

Also they can hire another writer...Is it so hard to do?

Engineer Tech Brett ›

I'll have ago at wrting a premise.

We can start off with Shaw repairing David so he can navigate the Juggernaut. (This would give time for the Deacon to board the ship if thats what people wanted).

Write that David knows that the ship is carrying more of the black goo and/or the Deacon is on board.

There can be a second expedition that is 3 weeks behind Prometheus. This one could be headed to LV426 because Weyland knew of the signal.

David doesnt set a course for Paradise but does for the other Weyland ship. They make contact long before they reach LV426 (no continuity errors). Theres no need to carry on because of what David has in his possession.

Shit hits the fan in all mad ways on both ships.

Studying the Juggernauts records, David comes to understand what the Engineers on LV223 were up to.

Engineers turn up towards the end because the Juggernaut sent a signal when it took off.

Survivors get taken to paradise which we dont see til the 3rd film.

Very much like Prometheus but at least something will be explained.

Custodian ›

There's always the classic Bobby Ewing shower scene, like it was 'All David's Dream' remember that series of 'Secret Transmission' threads we did with the Proceeding Yutani Narrative being an obvious Easy Get Out Of Jail card for such a cobbled together (and obviously David-powertrip) ego-fantasist narrative.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, "Instead of an Alien prequel where we find out why Xenos don't need egg-laying queens, we got Stargate," or rather a bastardised/wheelless version of Von Daniken's chariots of the gods.


claudius ›

Paradise begins as Shaw and David make there way to the engineers home planet...Paradise. Shaw repairs David knowing that being whole is dangerous because David has little remorse for the outcome of Shaw but shares in her desire to meet their so called maker.

Deep routed plot and script details are still undeveloped, but the basic plot of the movie will result in the discovery that the engineers home world, contains the engineers God. The plot will reveal that the engineers God is an Alien creature (xenomorph). It will be a design we have not quite seen before but similar to the wall morel. It will be a dark, horrible place...afterall the engineers ship and nothing about the previous Alien movies indicate anything we would consider true Paradise.

Shaw discovers that the Alien God is the god of the engineers and the engineers are simply pawns, who sacrifice themselves to serve that god and create life on planets as a first step to creating breading grounds for aliens.
It will also be revealed that the Aliens (xeno) have a penis like member that penetrates a host at will. This object injects the black goo...thus explaining its origins.

Thus the alien is the master, the engineers are the slaves and the humans are just part of the evolution to the creation of alien offspring. The Engineers were once similar to us and were conquored by there out of control xeno experiment. By the end of the movie a ship is sent to investigate LV 223 with Shaw and David aboard...the Alien god wants to complete the mission to destroy earth and thus create more off spring. "Sometimes one must destroy in order to create". By the end of the movie Shaw dies...but see's her father and mother and realizes that there is something beyond all the horror she discovered. David is left on LV223 and the engineer ship which came to investigate gets infected from the xeno left behind in the first Prometheus movie and crashes on nearby LV426.

As an irony david is left alive on LV223, and realizes that future life on earth may come back to investigate (like before - due to the cave paintings). In search of there makers and find there image.

Sounds great...hope it happens soon. Enjoy!posted by ss8064

Svanya ›

Guys come on now, lay off Lindelof... Spaiths also wanted it to be a Trilogy. The whole interview isn't quoted right in this article;

Spaihts tells Empire in an old interview: I did have a plan for multiple films and the conversations I had with Ridley was about a new franchise, from the beginning. We talked about a possible trilogy, or a duology."

claudius ›

All news about Prometheus make fans to be crazy!!!

shambs ›

I think the sequel does not need to be linked to Alien, or at least not at the end. You can also show something of LV-426 in an opening (considering that is old), or leave that topic for a third movie. But I would like to know more about: their technology, why they need biological weapons?, they have enemies? and what are their motivations?

But that depends on what exactly is Prometheus (reboot, spin-off or the episode l )

shambs ›

If there will be no sequel would be a shame, but at least we know something about the Engineers, and that's better than nothing.

Membrane ›

Read this.

I think any "struggle" they are having is just standard operating procedures when it comes to script selection. I agree though, this forum is chock-full of great theories and ideas that could be used.

Anunnaki50 ›

No offense but I am putting the blame on Spaihts because he went way to linear and just like what was said above, left little room for expanding the franchise. You guys were blaming Lindelof for nothing infact it was Jon Spaihts who f****d up the story. I am not gonna waste my time worrying about how the second movie is going cuz its 3-4 years away people NOT tomorrow. You cant let things like this get to you its life.

Anunnaki50 ›

Jon Master-Spaihts in the woods or the shower.

Svanya ›

@Anunnaki50 ; *Facepalm* Do you REALLY need to be so crass??

Svanya ›

@Shambhala; I really think it's a reboot, and they neglected to advertise it as such. No one really is to blame, I think it's possible they got overexcited about the whole thing and got in over their heads, who knows though I doubt Ridley would allow that to happen. Like I have said on other threads:

The real problem with this movie is it is a reboot essentially but it wasn't released as a reboot so it makes no sense when compared to Alien franchise as it is today. Its a totally different movie, one that was based on ideas Ridley had for it decades ago. It's as if the new Star Treks were taken as linear, people would be so confused and it would bomb. What happened with Prometheus is no one said its a second timeline, parallel universe, etc. and so it makes little sense to the viewer.

Chris Picard ›

I don't think we or anyone should be blaming either Lindelof or Spaihts for the turnout of Prometheus. You look, especially on here, at the reviews. It's like 70% of fans loved it while 30% of fans didn't. It's more of a matter of opinion. The film delivered what it was meant to and left us with enough open doors that we could really dive deeper into the mythology which captured us all back in 1979.

I think it's a bit ridiculous to assume Scott and company have no idea about a script direction to take on Prometheus 2. There's certainly no lack of ideas for the sequel, like I said in the initial post - look at these forums. Thousands of individual ideas, some of which, very deep and captivating which they could use in the sequel.

I liked Jon Spaihts' original script, however I am glad Lindelof signed on and expanded it a bit to not be so linear. I don't blame either one. But the main purpose of this article was to discuss why and if the script for Prom 2 is in fact struggling to develop - not to place blame. So, let's go easy on pointing fingers.

I do like reading some of the plot ideas some of you have posted here, and I will be posting an article on here soon, rounding up some of the best Prometheus 2 discussions we have here on the forums for you all to check out and take part in if you haven't found them already.

Whatever the case is, I hope the script gets crunched out soon and we can get news of production taking off.

joeyjoe ›

there are numerous ways to expand the new narrative in a very compelling way while, at the same time, making sure prometheus and its sequel(s) are properly in line with the first 3 films. Nothing in prometheus explicitly contradicts what has existed in the first 3 films.
I think the bulk of the problem is probably that these writers they've brought in arent alien/prometheus experts. At this point, the mythology is so dense, if you dont know all about Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, and Prometheus, writing a sequel to the aforementioned might get a bit hairy/complex.
Sure hope someone comes to the forefront and really cracks the story open. Would be an absolute SHAME if the sequels are unable to come to fruition. Come on guys! "Try harder"!

Membrane ›

Compile the best theories/ideas/stories from here (via poll) and take a field trip to Hollywood to iron this all out! :-)

zillaman ›

Just pick up from the end of Prometheus , take us an a wild ride through space and show us other galaxies with cool looking Aliens and planets that also have had encounters with the space jokey . Have the main survivor of Prometheus team up with another Alien survivor and show their struggle and difficulties as they have that in common all while their goal is to do a little pay back.. the rest they can start also from the distress call from the Prometheus and finaly find the right planet that also had been visited by the space jockey let the war begin there as well.. this is not difficult people get creative...

Wintermute ›

I am skeptical to say the least. I believe based on everything Ridley has already said that he knows pretty much where it is going and it is merely left to flesh out the details.

Svanya ›

@Guys, Chris just posted the real story on the news feed, with Lindelof responding to the rumors. Here: Damon Lindelof talks truth behind Prometheus 2 rumors

jerbru51 ›

I don't know why they would have any trouble I mean Lindelof really left things open, which a lot of people hated but I loved it cause it gave the film a lot of Mystery. There is so much stuff left unsolved that a trilogy only makes sense.

Cerulean Blue ›

IMHO - Prometheus 2 should be very difficult to get right. It is going to have to address not only how we can about, but why. I guess I am thrilled that a story for P2 is not coming easy, as for me it means Sir Ripley is doing his best to get it right! P2 is not about a scary-looking creature design, it is about the scary-looking reason for our creation!

claudius ›

The movies events dont even take place on the same planet, occurring instead on LV 223 (which is ridiculous and means the Engineers are truly terrible at piloting their ships, crashing them all over the place).
this make my laugh in a boring day ,, the Engineers are truly terrible at piloting their ships,, ,,, crashing them all over the place,,

Custodian ›

you know, there's always a chance Fox commissioned this 'Pro2 up shit creek' story just to reenergize interest/debate in the future franchise.

They've probably got it all planned out right nice. And I'm still betting on a Prometheus TV Series coming out at some point.

claudius ›

Prometheus TV Series coming ,woaw cool man but to be very good

devil_diamond ›

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Kabukistar ›

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Kabukistar ›

You deprived the first picture of Prometheus sense, giving a spectator freedom to dream up. The stream of the beautiful stages is pleasant for reason, but for a mind they do not present a value. I ask you not deprive the second part of picture of subject and sense. Search history in realities of our life.

Legendary Xenomorph ›

A story can be simple but with a few twist and changes much like ALIEN that took the plot from sci-fi B movies but made some changes to the plot that made it a class A movie and one of the greatest films ever made.

I'm sure ridley will go back to that stage and make a few twists that will not be so predictable but for a sequel to connect to Alien it needs to get darker and a lot scarier to be the prequel trilogy to Alien.

joeyjoe ›

@legendary xeno: by all accounts (lindelof, Scott et al.), Prometheus and its potential sequel(s) are not really a prequel trilogy to Alien. I mean....Prometheus takes place in the same fictional "universe" and is inextricably linked to Alien; as well, prometheus takes place prior to Alien. Therefore, yes, prometheus is technically a prequel to Alien. However, it appears that prometheus and its sequels will be a "parallel" story to the Alien films. In other words, not a reboot (still exists within established framework of original films etc), but a story that runs along side the events of Alien et al. Its like the filmmakers are saying...hey! guess what, there are all of these other things going on in this fictional "universe"; some of them are directly linked to the events of Alien, some are indirectly linked to the events of ALien, and others are not linked at all to the events of Alien. I dont think this new set of films is going to run directly into Alien. In fact, i feel almost certain that they wont. Prometheus and any sequels are a new, parallel narrative, that is inextricably linked and consistent with Alien(s), but doesnt meet up with Alien. I wouldnt be a bit surprised if the timeline of some of the events in the sequel(s) to prometheus actually intersect and run concurrent w the events that we saw happening in Alien and Aliens.
I really would like to hear some official news from fox on the status of the sequel, though that is unlikely at this stage of development. My fingers are crossed. Such a rich tapestry to draw from. they just need the right writer(s) to get this thing going. The potential here is just immeasurable.

kangy ›

Really think this is a wind up guys. I mean remember what we are dealing with here. Prometheus came out after a HUGE marketing campaign.! This will be no different and is now starting (by giving dis information) for the new film.

Does anyone else remember a story 2 years ago circulating that "a crew are sent to a possible home world of our ancestes, here they encounter all sorts of stange behaviour and meet their makers - before being transported further into deep space!" ..I do! I also remeber someone saying they had so much material the studio were considering making it into (at leats) a 2 parter...I reckon the story has already been written. And i reckon some of it could even have been shot!!

Nnnnnn ›

Prometheus 2 Pitch

After the disappearance of Weyland's Prometheus ship and mission. Yutani Corporation makes a hostile take over of the Weyland Corp. and sends a new ship to LV 223 The Akagi Maru

The ship has company scientists, government officials and military personnel.

Once arrived on LV 223 They find still alive in a an emergency cryo tube "Meredith Vickers"

Meredith recovers and shows the location of the Derelicts to the new team from the Akagi. She wants to go back and explains the horrors of what this place was but has no choice but to go with the Weyland-Yutani's crew to the closest Derelict

A second more advanced military android named Kato, was sent with the Akagi crew. After arriving at the destroyed crashed Derelict, Kato turns on one of the ships navigation systems.

The Kato finds a way to connect
to the ships mainframe and by accident Kato is linked to it and receives data and learns the truth to the Space Jokeyes and Human connection. Kato starts talking in a deep voice " The Space Jockeys were an advanced biological robots system created by superior beings from an old dying civilization. Humans were an improved version of the Space Jokey. Humans were created for food.

The Humans were designed to destroy each other. To control over population an evil "envy gene" was implanted. The Space Jockeys wanted to destroy humans and the Creator.

Kato says that the Creator beings were beleived to be destroyed in a war by the Space Jokeys. The Creator beings released their ultimate weapon the Xenomorph.

The crashed Derelict space display hologram shows a flashing light in an orbit next to an apparent dead planet called LV 426. The crew of Akagi with Meredith decide to go.

Once in orbit close to LV 426 the Akagi crew and Meredith finds a Derelict ship to their surprise. Lights around the Derelict ship are flashing. A small door opens as an invitation. The Akagi crew goes in. Once inside the ship and at its cockpit conteol center the crew finds David!!

The Akagi crew looks worried as teenagers that made a mistake. David was dysfunctional with severe bite marks on his face.

Kato tries to connect to David with no avail. David is totally disfigured but finally he turns on and with the remaining eye watches them. David asks Kato to download his memories and turn him off.

Meredith asked David if another Engineer was on the ship?
David says No.
Meredith then asks him " Who brought you here? Davis answers Shaw.

After a few seconds later Kato turns around, drops David's head and faces the crew to say

"Are you willing to die to find your answers"

Meredith shouts out at Kato "What are you trying to say you stupid machine!

Where is Shaw? Is there another Engineer? Who piloted this ship?
Kato says I did with Shaw who brought me here.
Where is Shaw? Where is she??? Says Meredith.

Kato says "It is in the ship"

Shaw is no more!

What's in the Ship??? Says Meredith.

Kato says with a frozen and dead look "The Creator"

The Creator was waiting for us to be reborn!

To be continued....

What do you think so far???

Anunnaki50 ›

Its a good story and all but I really disagree about the Engineers beings robots is makes no sense imo to me because they are the space jockeys. How can a robot give his DNA to a planet when he has no dna to give?!......

Mikexmccoy77 ›

Shaw and David depart for paradise.
They land in paradise. It's appeared to be a baren with remnants of a lost civilization. Shaw and the decapitated David stumble upon dead engineers. The engineers appear to have died by poison. Similar to the look that holloway had before he was killed. With dark veins and scary eyes.

As shaw and David are searching paradise they are attacked by a xeno. The xeno is a cross xeno between the deacon xeno and the original xeno from 'alien'. Shaw and David escape. They now found by a group of surviving engineers. The engineers take them to a hidden bunker/temple/laboratory.
There shaw and David have many questions answered. They find out why they were created, and why they were supposed to be destroyed. They also discover what went wrong on paradise. The engineers found out what had happened on lv 223 and what went wrong. Because of dwindled resources, they attempted to created another xeno species that was even more lethal species to destroy humanity. But it went wrong again and they're planet was overrun by the "cross-xenos". Upon the arrival of shaw and David a rift is formed amongst the surviving engineers on how to react and treat the humans that have arrived. Some want to befriend the humans and share knowledge while the others want to kill the humans and carry out the original objective they had of destroying humanity and starting over. The friendly engineers help to repair to repair David and go to the ship shaw and David flew to retrive David's body.
While shaw David and the engineers are gone repairing David, the evil engineers discus. While they discuss, it is revealed that both engineers had developed a new xeno that would be used to destroy all the other "cross-xenos" that now inhabit 'paradise'. The new xeno was developed to die after a certain time span. That way the engineers could rebuild thier planet once the xeno had killed off the cross xenos. The evil engineers release the xeno(which is the original xeno from 'alien'). They hope that the xeno morph will kill off all the cross xenos and also kill shaw David and the other engineers.

The xeno morph brings havoc to the cross xenos. There is very few cross xenos left, but the xeno mates with a cross xeno. Eggs are laid. (The new xenos in the eggs have developed an immunity to the defense mechanism placed by the engineers). The xeno also finds shaw, the newly repaired David and the peaceful engineers. Attacks and kills most of the peaceful engineers which leads a chase. The chase takes the two surviving engineers and shaw and David back to the engineers bunker. The xeno makes it into the bunker in the chase. The xeno kills all the hostile engineers and one peaceful engineer. Which leaves one peaceful engineer, David, and shaw. The three of them flee to a juggernaut ship. They attempt to flee the barren planet, and do successfully leaving the xeno behind.

They fly the ship to lv426. On the journey thier, the final engineer is suddenly attacked by a xeno. The juggernaut ship was where the eggs were laid from the xeno and the cross xeno mating. Becuas of the attack the ship crashes onto lv426. In the engineers final act he sent out a distress beacon as the ship crashed. Shaw and David are stunned from the crash, are devoured by a small group of xenos.

The film ends with the nostromo entering the atmosphere of lv426 and the crew of the nostromo entering the crashed juggernaut ship.

hadeze ›

Prometheus 1 ... can't help but to say this ... had a lousy script. the actors were flattened by the lack of an interesting text, no humor, no personalities built into the words. the love-interest of Dr. Shaw was concocted or neither one of them should do a bed scene. Dr. Shaw was on the defensive, and behind the action in all respects. Vickens was far too obvious. the captain of the P was just awful, a sex fiend, no intuition, no leadership. all in all, the acting and the script were mediocre. while P1's cinematography was superb, still there was no clarity for the viewer. e.g., the total screw-up in the alien ship was so infantile. who would take their helmet off in an unknown atmosphere? no guns to defend themselves makes real sense to whom & then ... here kitty-kitty to a cobra-like snake... just insanely naive all of this. and these are people from 2092/93..... all of the misery in the text and acting added to spoil the chance to shine and explain the alien origin.

hadeze ›

Theseus ›

I'm surprised there isn't a really good storyline developed yet. Apparently P2 David and Shaw won't be going to Paradise until P3 so they need to figure out an interim story. @Benito...I like some of your ideas but returning to LV223? Come on really? Yeah, a crash landing of another ancient astronaut ship on LV426 with David and Shaw on board doesn't make much sense and probably is not what Ridley had in mind. I don't think he wants to connect the Alien story to Prometheus at all but run parallel to it as distinctly separate stories.

Theseus ›

I agree mostly with what you're saying Hadeze. It could have been written much better and after having a panel of writers contribute ideas initially just have ONE person write the final screenplay with all the logic and common sense stuff worked out before you shoot the movie. I love the look and feel of the movie but a lot of the dialogue bombed imo.

Theseus ›

I know some of you on here have discussed this with me already but please please check out The Urantia Book! If you're a sci-fi geek or you love writing sci-fi stories you just gotta check out that book. Studying metaphysics, quantum physics and consciousness really gets my imagination going. If you can imagine it, it probably exists somewhere either as a piece of inanimate artwork or a real living or actual thing. There are no limits in quantum theory and consciousness...a boundary doesn't exist unless you percieve one.

Visionary Alpha ›

They need more contributions from loyal fans. They need to take their time, and think big. Prometheus has lain a foundation for so much.

James T ›

There is a story, and it's obvious where it can go.

Shaw and David (who has since been repaired) appear at the home of the Engineers. They have folded space (that way, Shaw hasn't gone into hyper sleep, and thus entrusting David with her life!!)
On arrival, the two are taken prisoner. The planet has massive cities that rise up many miles into the air. Surrounding the cities are lush forests, and grass plains. However, the plant life here is a very dark; almost a blackish deep green (giving a sense of dark overtones).
In the main city (the capital), a massive part of the city rises high into the sky (pyramid style). The top of it is flat, with many huge buildings).
Shaw is at first interrogated by the 'Engineers', but not in the sense of malice. They want to know where She has come from. If anything, the 'Engineers;' are overjoyed to see her. It soon transpires after a lengthy conversation, that Man is a success story, and should be welcomed into the family of 'humankind' (Gods, Engineers, Man - a holy trinity). The 'Engineers' have had limited success over millions of years (they stopped evolving as they were at their peak, and therefore had begun experimenting to create new lifeforms), but Man appears to be a unique success story after many failures.
The 'Engineers' in turn tell Shaw that they created Man, but it did not go down well with some of their race ...and with some of the 'Gods'. The Gods (who reside at the top of the pyramid in the large buildings), are an extremely larger form of 'humankind' (the larger version of the Engineers as seen in the first Alien film). A war broke out between the Creationists and those who believed that creating a new 'species' was morally and religiously wrong.
It dawns on Shaw that Man; seen through the eyes of the Fundamentalists, are not only evil, but are considered a devilish abomination; a twisted smaller form of the true species of 'humankind'. Being religious herself, Shaw finds she is on the flip side of Religion. Rather than being seen as a follower of God, these Fundamentalists see her as a twisted form, and should be considered devils or demons.
At this point, David is also interfering by telling the Fundamentalists what Man is really like. The Fundamentalists run to those Gods who are willing to listen, and that the time has finally come to end the creationists experimentation once and for all. Therefore, they must destroy the Earth.
We finally see the Gods .in their heaven; 15 foot tall giants in the same shape as the 'Engineers', only more beautiful (with hair). It appears that Man has inherited some of the DNA of the Gods (hair, coloured eyes).
The second film ends with the Gods falling out amongst themselves, over what is to be done. Shaw realises that she has really opened a can of worms here. She has basically highlighted that Man exists, and where they actually come from. The Creationists smuggle Shaw out, while David falls in with the Fundamentalists.
The third film deals with a game of hide and seek between the two groups. David and Shaw meet at one point to argue about what is right. David is angry with Man, and is bitter that even though he is more intelligent, he is treated as a slave.
In the end, the creationists eventually win, by wiping out the Fundamentalist army, and leaving the city of the Gods battered and ruined. Shaw is expelled by the remaining Gods, and forced to return to Earth with a warning; Man must never cross a certain boundary (the extent of the empire of the Gods / Engineers) or else, they face total destruction (an almost replica of the bible where Adam and Eve are expelled from Paradise with the angels guarding it so they can never return). It is a message that Shaw takes back to the Earth, and quietly, the main governments of the Earth, heed the warning with a deep sense of fear and trepidation. They decide that the mission of the spacecraft, Prometheus can never be revealed, for if the whole of Mankind was to find out about the real truth about 'God and the Angels (the Engineers)', then a breakdown of Man's civilization would ensue. It is decided that theory of God, as read in the bible, the torah and the Qu'ran should remain in place, rather than tell the truth...

Rubirosa ›

I like the majority of what you wrote James T@ but I have a problem with the ending. I do find it odd that at the end of your proposed sequel to Prometheous 2 the human race would be warned not to cross a certain boundary, or destruction would come to them. Why would the creationists want to destroy the human race when they just fought a Civil war against there own kind to protect them. It should be the other way around. They should want to make major contact with them to learn about how much there creation has evolved. At the same time embrace the human race by sharing there technology with them. Thats just my opinion.

Visionary Alpha ›

@James T:

I don't think there should be a new war on the engineers' planet, or that the movie should make any references to any real world religions. I also doubt that the engineers created Man deliberately. It seems much more likely they did so by accident, along with millions of other species, and Shaw's arrival will be seen as nothing more than a fly buzzing around. For Shaw to presume that she can get answers from the engineers, or their gods, is her mistake.

James T ›

Glad you liked most of it mate. The problem overall is that the script for the 1st movie did paint everyone into a corner. The idea that the Creationists tell Man to stay away in the end, is due to the carnage that has just ensued. God and 'Engineer' or 'Greater Man' have just had an almighty spat. In the end, the question for the Gods, and Engineers, is ...'was it worth it'. I could easily say that the peace between God and Engineer could be ropey (Engineers are doing all sorts of weird things which upset the Gods; suddenly having a 2nd potent mix enter the fray (Man) tips the balance. The last thing that half of the Gods want (if not all of them) is another combustible type that could be even more war-mongering than the Engineers wandering around their dominion.
At the end of the day, it's 'how do you end the story!' The idea that the defending of Man was so costly, that it might be best to keep Man, the Engineers and the Gods apart - hence the warning.
My overall idea is that I am taking concepts of what is considered Biblical lore (God, Angels, a War in Heaven (Angel against Angel), the expulsion of Shaw and David from Paradise (Man and Woman), and a warning never to return to Paradise (as written in the Bible - an Angel guards the entrance to Paradise).

I hope that helps in what I was trying to say at the very end of my previous post.

James T ›

Visionary Alpha

I can see where your coming from, but the whole point of the first film was, that it is based around the concept of Religion (the Creator, Shaw's cross, her chat with her Dad as a little girl, immortality, the sacrifice of Janek, Chance and Ravel (Jesus with the 2 criminals at crucifixion (hell, all 3 did the hanging on the cross pose)). So overall, the film is littered with religious iconography.
My concept is, and I believe Ridley Scott has to go there is, what happens when Shaw gets to paradise. - She finds herself on the flip-side; considered not a child of God, but an abomination of the Creators.
Once the Engineers (or Greater Man) finds out that Man is even more volatile than they are, and that he is learning at a geometric rate, which means, within a few decades (or centuries), Man may surpass the Creators - at that moment, the breaks come off. It's a moment where, 'if we don't deal with this now, and end those of us, Greater Man, who caused this, then who knows what else will turn up. We stop the Creators amongst us, and we wipe out this abomination. This new Species will eventually give us serious problems'. Hence they run to the Gods, and it even splits them. Words are said ...and soon enough ...War!

Hope this helps, mate.

ummester ›

Hello Scifieds

I have been working on a Prometheus sequel script for a fan competition on

It is almost complete - just have to tidy some things up.

I can post it here when I enter it in the competiton if people are interested in reading it.

Let me know,

Cheers ummester

Visionary Alpha ›

Man is not capable of surpassing the engineers.

ummester ›

There are 3 main issues with a sequel, as I see it:

1) Shaw and David won't be able to carry a film with no other human characters.

2) If the sequel avoids, bypasses or othewise puts off a meeting with the Engineer's creator, fans will feel ripped off and start to believe it's never going to go there.

3) If it isn't horrific in any way - fan's will think it has totally ruined the Alien franchise. The only way it can be made horrific is to suggest that the creator (possibly viewed as God by what Prometheus set up) is somehow evil, or at least has little regard for humanity. It is the only logical way to conclude it within the Alien franchise rules but I very much doubt a big budget studio film will touch a message anything like - God hates us puny humans, we just didn't know it yet.

Visionary Alpha ›

No, there is so much more potential than that. I envision a two-part story: 1) Shaw and David and what they find, and 2) a separate group of humans comes to LV 223 and encounters the deacon that emerged from the engineer. The movie takes turns with each story and set of characters, and the action on LV 223 provides all of the horror alien fans want and missed in the first movie. Shaw and David meanwhile will at least learn more about the engineers, though meeting "their creator" isn't necessarily part of the package. The movie needs to delve into why engineers came to Earth, and if they created humans, why. Shaw's understanding is very limited at the moment, in as she put it, she wants to know why her creators "changed their mind". She only knows that "one engineer" became hostile, which says nothing for any others. It's a mistaken assumption, which may direct the plot in the next movie, but then it's just bad writing to set this up because we're left saying "how does she know this".

I think Ridley Scott does intend to reveal the engineers' creator, though, as "a god like being", as he put it. If this is just a big guy in chair with xeno's being able to jump out of his chest after killing him, then I'll be disgusted and sorry.

The thing is, the main theme Scott intends IS that heaven, or paradise as the next movie will be called, is meant to be presented in a shocking, disturbing way that shakes people up. He feels there is something "very ominous" implied about paradise, for whatever reason, and I think he'll make it nice looking and inviting on the surface, but very troubled and a dangerous place behind that surface.

I feel Shaw will find David the most dangerous adversary in the picture. He may try to destroy humanity.

ummester ›

Visionary Alpha,

I don't think it matters how you present the godlike being, opinions will be divided on it.

Star Trek V and Stargate tried to present godlike beings and they aren't really taken seriously. 2001 presented a godlike object and that is taken seriously. It is the motives of the object in 2001 that provoke thought, not the presentation.

I agree that Scott seems to want to make a film where Paradise can be likened to heaven and want's that Paradise to be ominous. But any film that puts Paradise as a place and not an idea will utimately undermine it's own intelligence.

It is the idea of gods, heavens and monoliths that make them intriguing - not the portrayal. And I don't think, even if Ridley wants to, that the studios will let him be too confrontational with ideas that might upset the majority of American cinema goers.

Besides this, I doubt Ridley wants too be to controntational himself. I think he takes his art seriously and personally and doesn't want to bar his own way into some theoretical Paradise by misrepresenting it.

Linking Jesus to the Engineers was too on the nose remember?

Visionary Alpha ›

I think much will depend on how he describes the god like being. For a lot of people, it will be offensive if someone actually says they're the Christian God or another real world deity, but doesn't meet any expectations for that. A real world deity needs to be presented in a flattering way, only.

Visionary Alpha ›

You make some good points, ummester.

mcellis ›

Maybe paradise for engineers, but hell for humanity? If engineers are god-like in the old school way of thinking they may not appreciate one of their no-longer-worshipping-them spawn daring to approach. They may react much like the rip-van-winkle engineer on the ship. Fortunately, Elizabeth Shaw brought a ship to the homeworld that had no business being there(filled with goo and eggs). That stuff is only kept on outposts for obvious reasons and should never be brought back to the homeworld. Oh well, now a lot of little(big) Deacons(mixed with engineer DNA produces a really big xeno(notice how deacon was born 4-6ft tall while xeno from alien was maybe a foot at birth?) Unfortunately, Deacon expresses the large phenotype of the engineers. Bye-bye nasty self-righteous engineers. Guess you won't be around for Alien 1. Thanks Dr. Shaw, we didn't even know you saved us. Ah, it's anyone's guess!

123Engineer ›

I like your idea that the goo and the eggs should never be brought back to the homeworld. It has a good reason why the temple of destruction is far away from all living thing.

I agree with mcellis. The xeno from Alien was very small at birth, but the deacon was really tall at birth. So if it will grow up, it becomes a very tall, agressive, intelligent, powerfull and evil creature. Maybe even taller than the Engineer. Will it be just as immortal?

MrNetTek ›

I see many people have concerns with only Shaw and David carrying the movie...with good reason, they need more humans/humanoids from their side (before they run into the Engineers). I thought about that.

Prometheus II
Let's say the trip takes a year to get to the Engineers' home world. During that time, David gets reassembled with Shaw's help, and then David sets up an assembly line, where he builds another cyborg(s). This would add more characters to help carry the movie. They could also land on a different planet/or maybe they run into someone else in space where they pick up more people (or other species).

And then, onward to the Engineers' home world. Once they land there, there is an initial battle, of which they lose. They are then thrown into a holding cell, of where they meet a few interesting prisoners and talk about what they think may happen. They end up going in front of a tribunal where they are questioned. They are not accepted by most, but a few members of the tribunal (mostly scientists and philosophers) want to know more about the human and her traveling companions. The tribunal grants the scientists and philosophers to be able to learn more about the human, earth, and cyborgs; most are not happy and begin conspiring against them. Things seem okay at the beginning (lots of cool sci-fi, special effects, great conversation happen), but everything starts to go south pretty quickly. Eventually, they have to go underground (where they meet many other species) and escape with their lives, except now they have Engineer sympathizers and the prisoners they met helping them.

Prometheus III
Running for their lives begins to get really old. Many Engineers, prisoners, and a cyborg get killed. Shaw comes up with the idea of getting off the planet, except the Engineers (the military ones) have their ship. With help from the underground world, they create a solid plan and begin moving closer to their ship. A few large battles have to happen, more die, and Shaw, David, and a few other species barely make it to ship. At the same time, they destroy most of the Engineers ships (but not all of them). They take off, and a few Engineers go after them. There is a final, awesome battle in space of where the Engineers somehow lose...and Shaw begins to return home. Of course, sprinkle Aliens in the underground...and Aliens nesting in Shaw's ship...and viola, script has been written for II and III.

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