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Prometheus Sequel Script In The Works!

Author: Chris Picard | Feb-27-2013 1:56 AM

Noomi Rapace has met with Ridley Scott and has confirmed that work on the Prometheus Sequel script is currently under way! The news comes to us from The Playlist, who caught up with Ms. Rapace while she was promoting her recent film, Dead Man Down. When asked about the status of Prometheus 2, Rapace revealed that:

"They're working on the script. I met Ridley in London a couple of weeks ago. I would love to work with him again and I know that he would like to do another one. It's just like we need to find the right story. I hope we will."

Following this, when asked about what she thought about the reaction Prometheus received after it's June, 2012 release this past summer, the actress replied:


"I love working with Ridley. It was pure joy," she said. "It was really hard work sometimes. My body was a complete mess - I had bruises and cuts and emotionally I was a bit slammed. But being in his world and his universe was such an amazing experience."

"And it's interesting because people, most people I've talked to who see the movie, see things that are quite different. Some people who see the movie many times and discover new things. There are all these religious aspects and there are very interesting conversations," Rapace explained. "And for me, if we do a second one, there are a lot of things to explore in there and to continue." She added: "I would love to do it."


It's great to hear that Prometheus 2 is in the works. With a projected late 2014 - early 2015 release date in mind, we can expect to hear a lot more on Prometheus' Sequel as we head into summer, 2013.

To re-cap, Damon Lindelof, one of the co-writers for Prometheus has publicly stated that he will NOT be involved in the sequel. But no word yet whether or not co-writer, Jon Spaihts will be returning to lend a hand on the story development.


Prometheus holds a special place in this network, as it was our premiere website this past year, which kick started our chain of rapidly growing fansites. Since then, we have completely transformed the website to promote Prometheus 2, from design to domain name. With news of the sequel on the way, the Prometheus 2 Movie Forums are bound to get interesting once again!

So, what do you think will happen in Prometheus 2? Will David and Shaw find Paradise? Will it be peaceful place? Or will they be met with the same hostility as on LV_223? Will they encounter more Engineers? Or find their race to be nearly extinct due to another outbreak, similar to what happened on LV_223? Discuss all the possibilities and more, in the web's largest Prometheus Movie Online Community Forum!


Be sure to keep an eye here on, for the latest news on Prometheus' Sequel !

Noomi's next film, Dead Man Down opens in theaters, March 8th!

Source: ThePlaylist

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Comments (35)

Svanya ›

Amg, sweet!!

claudius ›

it s true,or dream?

Mekja-Tek ›

I know Mr. Scott is a practical guy when it coms to sci-fi, but I really wish there was a way for him to work in the erie foreboding aspect of Giger's original landscape and creatures into the sequel. Prometheus seemed a bit too tame at times. I'm not sold on the Deacon, but I wasn't expecting the original alien either. I was expecting something a bit more "alien", and not so human/familiar. If I see Cameron's queen in PARADISE, I'm gonna hurl somebody at the screen. LOL! JK!!!

Mekja-Tek ›

Hmm...While on the journey to PARADISE do we get flash backs from David that give us some insight into things hidden from us PROMETHEUS? Is Deacon truly the predecessor of the ALIEN ie does it grown into (God forbid) the Queen? Will PARADISE bring back that sense of mystery, fear, and the unknown like ALIEN? We get to see the darker side of Giger's landscapes and ecology brought to life? Only time will tell. Welcome to PARADISE Dr. Shaw. =)

joeyjoe ›

this is the best news ive heard in some time! im all smiles! please come to fruition!


Excellent news!

Sawa ›

I'm happy this is coming quickly, especially when compared to the past ...5 zillion years ago ...80 zillion if one goes back to ALIEN.

Just maybe the whole-thing will be in the can by 2018.

Thanks Chris:)


Cerulean Blue ›

I am so happy, I want to shout from a place very high!

nostromo001 ›

Very exciting news. This solidifies the idea that Paradise will actually be made and in the timeframe projected in the media up to this point. Lets hope it stays on schedule...

Seven Dreamers ›

My biggest fear..........Sir Ridley pops his clogs and someone without his vision takes the project forward and completely buggers it up. My wish......Sir Ridley lives 'til 100.

Mateo ›

Gorgeous! its going to happen soon, and she is eager for the project.

cuponator3000 ›

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! its been a good day:)

claudius ›

after this news this site came to life like the engineer from sleep!!!

Feebs ›

Omg *faint*

Oneironaut 717 ›


Oh sweet Jebus!

Patient Leech ›

^ Hahaha

Sweeeeeeeet. So all we know is that the script is being written... Does that mean that a writer has already been hired and is working on it? Or is Ridley just putting down a rough outline for someone else to fine-tune later? So many questions. So very exciting, though!

Merjanidas ›

If the Deacon Alien goes to the nave of inegeniers and found the black liquid could become a standard alien and become this species

bigbirdjimmy ›

Lets hope this gets done and done right. Way to many possibilities for this quick post. Stoked!

NCC 1701 ›

all righty ,,lets get the count down timer going as soon as we know

claudius ›

starts shooting this October the paradise

joeyjoe ›

@claudius: where did you read/hear the abovementioned info?

Xenotaris ›


The Deacon was a Xenomorph-like creature that was based on Human/Earth-based lifeforms. Thats the reason why it wasnt very "alien".

Ciaran ›

My thoughts as to a potential finale... None of this good vs bad engineer business - too complex and unnecessary. In the final movie, an unknowingly infected Shaw will hide aboard the ship of eggs destined for Earth. It takes off. A fight will then ensue between her and the engineer flying it, a fight that Shaw will win, possibly jettisoning the engineer out of the ship as a result. Shaw then takes over the controls with the aim of turning the ship around and sending it back to the engineers in order to destroy them.As she does she realises she is infected and about to birth a Zenomorph, so just before dying she sets off the warning beacon, and the ship crashes into LV-426 - which sets the scene perfectly for 'Alien', albeit with the twist that the original Space Jockey as seen in Alien was actually a human. We warned ourselves, and as usual... didn't listen.
Puts tongue firmly in cheek and says... "Ridley, I'm available for work and await your call"

joeyjoe ›

evidence suggests that the "derelict" juggernaut was already on LV 426 BEFORE the crew of the prometheus landed on LV 223. I dont think this series is going to lead into Alien. As has been stated by the filmmakers, prometheus (and its sequel(s) ) is set to run as a parallel story to Alien etc. In other words, the prometheus series does not eventually run straight into Alien. Ultimately, who knows what direction the sequel(s) will go in, but the above is what Ridley has intimated thus far. I really like the idea of a parallel story.

craigamore ›


tomw ›

It's "At the Mountains Of Madness". The Engineers are the old ones, and they lost control of their experiment. The engineers were trying to make the perfect being and failed. That mistake cost them everything, and may cost us everything as well. Everything involved with the experiment is to be destroyed, and that includes us. I also think like blade Runner, this whole story is about slavery, just like "At the Mountains of Madness". Thank you Mr Lovecraft.

Anunnaki50 ›

I like it but the Space Jockey/Engineer was on LV-426 for thousands of years and the LV-223 didnt occur until later. Its like they were or knew what they were doing and then they went a step further and all went to hell. So, I am hoping maybe for a full-circle moment at the end but Ridley will mess with our heads and take it somewhere else. Its fun to speculate but we wont know until 2017 or 2018 by then he'll be Weylands age, almost. JK

alienfan1 ›

i think the alien at the end was the original species of the dead planet they were on ,remember when charlie and the crew was in the room where the mural had an alien and charlie was looking at a stone with a green rock on top of it he said this is just another tomb,the tomb is the aliens can see the outline of aliens head .anyways i really hope that the next movie is a masterpiece like alien i would hate for it to bomb at the office alot of people were putting prometheus down but the movie was great it had that same scary feeling raw like in alien.i actually closed my eyes at the end part that alien was terrible ripping threw the engineers body i want to know WHY DO THEY HATE US SO MUCH !!!!I i cant stop watching the alien movies everytime i see something that i misses lol

alienfan1 ›

another thing that was driving me crazy were the idiots of utube talking crap about the movie when they werent even alive when the alien movie came out so they didnt have a clue what was going on lol i got tired of explaining things to young ones that didint have a darn clube of what is what in th alien movie.

teacake ›

Just a thought, but I think that the engineers although genetically perfect were themselves 'engineered' for such tasks as kick starting life on planets (as in the sacrificial engineer), etc. I remember from the film when Charlie Holloway made the comment to Elizabeth Shaw regards her keep wearing her Christian cross necklace as he reasoned she need not wear it as it was the engineers who had 'made' us, in reply to justify her keeping on wearing the necklace she said 'but who made them?' I think that maybe on the trip back to the engineers planet they will in fact come across the engineers creator. Have no idea what will happen after that, but after watching the Prometheus film for the umpteenth time, I have like many others ended up with loads of questions and realise the film could go in any number of directions, but like the idea that it is a parallel story to the Alien films and not a prequel. I am so looking forward to Prometheus two!!!!

Ancient Alien ›

Hello! I would love to see in the new film emphasis on origins of humans, using many human elements we're all familiar with such as religion, art, music, culture ( things that made us more intelligent than dolphins and chimps ). This will connect us with the Engineers, and make us feel for them. . If these are our creators let us feel that!!!!!! After all this IS the direction 'yall chose rather than focus on the Alien story. More Science in the Fiction!!!

astromax ›

I read that nobody knows where to take the Prometheus story in the sequel.
Do we know if the Engineer civilization still exist? We don't really know the answer to that. I we say "NO" than the sequel(s) will continue with Shaw and David sifting through the remnants of Engineer's existence. "PROMETHEUS: Sifting through the Remnants 2 & 3", boring! If we say "YES" than I think it becomes much easier to write more story. Maybe they need to outline the ultimate meeting of the Human/Engineer minds. To ask Shaw's question "Why do you hate us?" and get the answer. Then they have the bookends. It's much easier to go forward if you know where you are going.

astromax ›

Only 3 things happen in Prometheus. A worm turns into a vicious snake because of canister leakage, which happened because we altered the atmosphere in the hollow structure, snake kills to explorers. 2. David infects Holloway, Holloway infects Shaw, and the subsequent creature infects the only Engineer alive during the entire movie. 3. David intervenes during a Holographic session and selects, by accident, Earth which ends up being teed up on the Engineers console. Engineers were not headed to Earth, David tipped them off as to where we came from. Erase all human/robot action from the movie and what do we have? An abandoned military facility of some kind with evidence of an outbreak of alien creatures that kill all but one of the Engineers. The big guy was safely tucked in, in his sleep chamber. We have repeating holographic images of past events, running for dear life and directing a long ago holographic session on the bridge. We know there are many abandoned ships in the underground facility. We know this moon is not the Engineers home world. We do not know if the Engineer civilization is still alive or if it is extinct. We do not know what Shaw and David are equipped with in the alien ship or exactly where they are headed. No wonder Fox is nervous because no one seems to have a solid idea as to where the Paradise story is headed.

Visionary Alpha ›

The engineers were heading for Earth.

Visionary Alpha ›

I've given thought to how a sequel would look, and I may try my hand at writing a script for Mr. Scott. I would be sorry if there is no sequel, or if it is made into some kind of gimmick just to sell more tickets. Prometheus lays the foundation for a lot, and even if it needs a run as a TV series, I think the story deserves to be told in its entirety.

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