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Some Prometheus Secrets Revealed in Aliens: Colonial Marines?

Author: Chris Picard | Feb-18-2013 12:50 AM

Prometheus certainly raised many questions and many of which surround the mysterious Space Jockey, now more accurately known as Engineers. The beginning of Prometheus showcased a massive circular Alien space craft hovering over (what we believe to be) Earth. Moments later, an Engineer is introduced to us in nothing more than a robe and shorts. This Engineer sacrifices himself to create life on this new planet. After which, the massive, circular vessel leaves the planet's atmosphere never to be seen again.

Later on in the film, we are introduced to another Engineer, who sports a much "darker" look than the first Engineer from the beginning of the film. This Engineer has an agenda to wipe out Humanity by means of unleashing a deadly bio-weapon upon us.

One Engineer's goal is to create life, the other seemed to be bent on destroying life. This of course, raised much speculation among fans in the Prometheus Movie Forums. A theory was raised that there were two different factions of Engineers spread out across the Galaxy, one creating life, the other, destroying it. A classic battle of good and evil.

This week saw the rocky release of the highly anticipated FPS Aliens game by Sega and Gearbox Software, Aliens: Colonial Marines. Whether you liked the game or not, you have to appreciate the level of detail the game took to recreating specific events which took place in the films which it is based on. From the trike seen in the opening scenes of Aliens to the Facehugger clamped behind a table, sprayed with bullets in the Med Lab. A:CM houses many Easter eggs for hard core fans of the franchise to discover and one of these is particularly interesting as it directly relates to the mythology created by Prometheus.


Near the end of the single player campaign, you come across the crashed Derelict, as seen in both Alien and Aliens and inside you find the fossilized Space Jockey / Engineer sitting in his Pilot's chair. If you shoot at his head for a few seconds, you will trigger a digital recording, much like the one we see in Prometheus, when David activates the Orrey.

David Activates the Orrey in Prometheus

This recording depicts a battle between two very familiar Engineer space vessels. One, being the circular ship as seen in the opening scene of Prometheus and the other being the Jugernaut or Bone Ship seen at the end of Prometheus and also in Alien / Aliens. Please note folks, these are two different ships, the Juggernaut in Prometheus is NOT the same ship as the Dertelict seen in Alien / Aliens.

Moving on, this sequence is quite interesting as it further validates speculation that there are two factions of Engineers in the Universe, one fighting for good, and the other for evil. The good guys seem to be represented by the circular, "classic" Alien space ship, while the evil Engineer faction seems to represented by the oddly shaped, Bone Ship / Juggernaut vessels.

"Good" Engineers' Space Vessel

The recording also depicts the Juggernaut being shot down by the circular vessel (ie. the good guys). This insinuates, that the reason for the crashed Derelict on LV426 was not caused by an outbreak of Xenomorphs on board, but that it was the result of a blood feud between Engineer races.

"Evil" Engineers' Space Vessel

To take it one step further, the Engineers representing the circular vessel probably were attempting to prevent the first attack on Humanity by their evil counterparts, and thus duked it out in space over LV426, where the enemy ship ultimately lost and crashed down on the Moon's surface, which caused the Xenos to get loose and attack the injured Engineer / Space Jockey.

When you think about it, it makes sense. The evil Engineers host a bio-weapons lab on LV_223 (Prometheus) and are en route to deliver the first batch of baddies to Earth, but get intercepted by the "good" Engineers. LV426 was adjacent to LV_223, so they clearly didn't get very far before being shot down. Thus, the evil Engineers had to rethink their strategy and probably continued work on a more efficient way of eradicating our species, along with their "good" cousins. They probably also chose to upgrade from leathery eggs to Urns to preserve the organism inside better. Less potential for things to go wrong I suppose.

Anyways, this is just one of many fun Easter eggs scattered about throughout Aliens: Colonial Marines and I encourage you to play the game and find them all yourself! Our review for the game is still being worked on by all the staff here at Scified, but we encourage our fans and readers to submit their own reviews of Aliens Colonial Marines here!

So, does this write-up shed some light on one of the many mysteries surrounding the Prometheus mythology? Or am I completely out to lunch? Either way, have your say both in the comments section below or in the Prometheus Movie & Prometheus Sequel Community Forums and share your thoughts, ideas and speculation with thousands of other eager fans hungry for answers!

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