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Prometheus Toy News - NECA Shaw Figure Revealed!

Author: Chris Picard | Feb-11-2013 5:36 PM

Toy Fair 2013 has showcased some amazing new figures from the top distributors in the industry. One of these is the popular toy branding company - NECA. NECA revealed their new "Elizabeth Shaw" figure, which is based upon Noomi Rapace's Prometheus character. Have a look below for images!

Stay up to date with the latest Prometheus action figure & diorama news on this thread in the Prometheus Movie Forum, which is constantly updated.

Elizabeth Shaw Prometheus Figure by NECA at Toy Fair 2013


Special thanks to Hal 9000 for the news which was posted here in the Prometheus Forum

What do you think of the new Shaw figure? Let us know by commenting below or by replying to the topic linked above! For more news on Prometheus and it's Sequel, be sure to check back here often!

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Comments (10)

HAL 9000 ›

Cheers Chris for posting this in the news section and giving me credit for it. As excited as I personally am, it looks a bit like the general interest in the subject is on the decrease. Is it just that time of the year, or is it that the younger generations have lost interest in collecting and building stuff...? Oh well.

nostromo001 ›

God it looks just like her as if they froze an expression on her face! They should have had her on the med pod! Just kidding:)

joeyjoe ›

@hal: i know, man! what the hell is going on? NECA has done an incredible job with their prometheus line. randy falk (head of product development at neca) has stated that sales for the prometheus line are "marginal". david8 and the deacon (w/ hammerpedes) are both coming out the first of question about it. However, the beautiful series 3 (Dr. Shaw pictured above and "infected" fifield) is completely up in the air. Shaw and fifield will only be released if sales of prometheus series 2 figures are good(ish). Its a real shame that more folks arent interested in these figures. Im a bit surprised... maybe im just a bigger geek than i had initially thought. Either way, i love the detail on these figures (especially for 16 bucks). Im supporting the line all the way.

Hal, are you going to be picking up prometheus series 2 (david + deacon) in a few weeks? u a plastic junkie? hehe.

HAL 9000 ›

@joeyjoe: I'm with you there. My guess is it's because too many people heard too many bad things about the film, and for that reason didn't give it a first or if they did, not a second chance. I was spoiled and sceptical at first as well but now I really like it. That also goes for the amazing line of NECA figures, the best value I've seen in the toys industry so far!

Yep, I'm a total plastic kit nutter and sure have my pre-order on series 2 as well as on the U.S.C.S.S. Prometheus by Fantastic Plastic. I keep saying, why....WHY is there no great RT-01 kit yet?? Surely you must have seen my thread on that... if not, get on with it and we'll talk more there! Haha!

Patient Leech ›

I'm excited about this piece. I really hope it gets the green light.

They should have packaged Shaw and David together, though.. haha

HAL 9000 ›

...or Shaw and infected Holloway for that matter. Haha!

FoxieShazam ›

I love neca, they always have the best collectables

HAL 9000 ›

@FoxieShazam: Check my NECA thread for more good news! =D

claudius ›

i buy this

joeyjoe ›

public service announcement:
neca just stated that the prometheus series 3 line up will be comprised of the holographic engineers (possibly both the pressure suit and chair suit engineers). In an effort to "sweeten the pot", they are providing accessories with holo. engineers. The main accessory that was discussed was an urn/ampule that could be opened to reveal inner workings etc. Obviously, this news means that Shaw and Fifield have been bumped to a later series. Neca is hoping to do Shaw in series 4. Unfortunate news regarding the delay of Dr. Shaw, but the ampule sounds very cool. Just thought id let everyone know. Lets hope the line makes it to series 4.

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