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Patrick Wilson On Ridley Scott's Prometheus

Author: Chris Picard | 09/25/2011

MTV recently got in touch with Patrick Wilson - a late addition to the Prometheus cast line up. In the interview, Patrick Wilson goes on to describe his experience working on Prometheus, his thoughts on the script and a little detail about his character. Read on below for the main exerpts:

"It was an absolute thrill, I was blown away by [the script] and I donít use that sort of phrase a lot, but I was blown away by it, so excited that I wanted to read it again. I just kept re-reading it, even though I knew what was coming. And put it this way, Iíve never done this, I've never finished the shooting on a movie, and then on the ride home read the script again. I had no reason to read it, it was not work-oriented, I just really loved it, itís so cool."

"There is an importance to my character, certainly size [of the role] was not the issue, It's an exciting, thrilling script, so to be a part of it on any level, I said 'Yes, just tell me where you want me to be, I will be there.' It was great. It was nice to come in just as they were finishing shooting, just to play a little bit. As you can imagine, [the film] is very wonderfully exiting, and yet so complicated and layered, which to me is what science fiction is all about, when it operates on many, many levels." [- Patrick Wilson @ MTV]

- Thanks to Tamas for the tip and

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Comments (4)

Spartacus ›


tar ›

Like Spartacus, I am just so excited because Patrick Wilson genuinely does sound so........Excited! I just wish we new I bit more about it!

Spartacus ›


Xenotron ›

Let's not get too excited. He's not going to trash-talk a movie that he's working on. No professional actor ever should.

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