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More HD Prometheus Movie Stills

Author: Chris Picard | Jan-29-2013 9:46 AM

Have a gander at more HD Prometheus movie stills below! From the Engineer Juggernaut to the USCSS Prometheus. Be sure to check out more Prometheus Movie stills in the Prometheus Movie Gallery and share on Facebook and Twitter.











Thanks to AvPGalaxy for the images!

What do you think of these Prometheus stills? Let us know what you think by commenting below!

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Comments (5)

ZetaReticuli ›

Thanks Chris, these are great. Can you possibly post up that one of Noomi shining her torch up to the Big Head please?

XENO inside ME ›

Nice...great find Chris. Whenever new pictures come up, I always change the my wallpapers around.
Anymore cool Prometheus pictures will be very appreciated. Thanks

Korpen ›

does anyone see the little alien in the fourth picture from the top?
The one with david picking the ampule apart. Look between the three remaining glass canisters. It looks like a little baby humanoid, is standing there, haha.... makes me think of that little mexican creature they "found" in a cave or what it was.

Great pictures btw, especially the one with the dead engineers crawled up agains the door. Nice!

Feebs ›

@Korpen - PAUL! :'D
yeah it looks like one of those classic aliens with huge black eyes :).

Korpen ›

Feebs@ indeed!

That movie, paul, is such an ode to sci fi nerds worldwide. love it.

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