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[UPDATED] Hot Toys Prometheus Pressure Suit Collectible Spotted!

Author: Chris Picard | Jan-16-2013 7:11 PM

What looks to be a 12 inch figure of the USCSS Prometheus Crew Pressure Suit has been spotted on a Hot Toys preview table, which can be seen below.

UPDATE - New photo discovered, see below!

Hot Toys Prometheus Figure Bottom-Right

New photos uncovered:
You can see, more attachments that will come with Hot Toys' Prometheus Pressure suit, like the Ax Shaw uses to defend herself against the Engineer as well as the decapitated Engineer Bio-Helmet.


Via: OneSixthRepublic, thanks to Cj Monk from our Facebook Page for the link!

Unfortunately we don't have much more to share aside from this image. But expect more news to surface soon, as the collectibles featured in the above image are slated for a 2013 release date, just nothing specific yet.

So, do you plan on getting any Prometheus collectibles from Hot Toys? Also, aside from the Pressure Suit, what other Prometheus dioramas/figures would you like to see appear in Hot Toys' catalog for 2013? Let us know by commenting below or by replying to this thread in the Prometheus forum!

Special thanks to Cj Monk and HAL 9000 for the news!

Source: Hot Toys

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Comments (9)

XENO inside ME ›

It looks cool, but I don't know anything about Hot Toys, so if you guys can be kind enough to answer some of my questions.

Is Hot Toys like NECA or more like Sideshow Collectibles?
Do they website where you can check prices and purchase things, because the site I've seen only shows pictures?
How much are their products?


Chris Picard ›

Hey XENO inside ME, from what I understand Hot Toys is more like Sideshow Collectibles and they tend focus on more high-quality action figures and models. From what I've heard and seen in the past, they can be quite pricey compared to say, NECA figures, because they do tend to be larger. (12 inches I believe)

I just took a gander at the site looking for prices and haven't found any yet, but hopefully someone who is more experienced in dealing with Hot Toys products can chime in to help answer your questions. :)

Without a doubt though, they do great, detailed work.

Feebs ›

I only spotted the sacrificial engineer and one of the suits... Is that the ship from Aliens???

HAL 9000 ›

Hey Chris, thanks for mentioning me there, although I can't really take much credit for it, after just stumbling across this somewhere on the net. However, it's great news and I'm very much looking forward to see what Hot Toys will be releasing on 'Prometheus' this year.

I can only second what you said about Hot Toys, they're very similar to what Sideshow does but I'd say they're even better in quality and authenticity when it comes to their efforts of matching the look and feel of the original materials used in the movies. Where Sideshow would use a piece of static plastic or resin, Hot Toys would create a realistic cape, for example. Their latest releases on "The Dark Knight Rises" are incredible, especially the vehicles! Please follow the kink and check their official website here

As for the prizing, I agree they don't exactly come cheap but I'd say once you can call one of their 1/6 or even 1/4 scale products your own, you'll start appreciating the amazing quality and attention to detail. You can check prizes and availabilty easily on the Sideshow website

For those who are interested in more about Prometheus action figures, toys, model kits and collectibles, please check out my up-to-date thread on that topic.

Regarding this post and Chris's question, I still don't understand why there isn't much more happening on the collectibles front. Those vehicles "RT-01 (Rover)", the smaller "ATV's", the ship "USCSS Prometheus" itself and not to forget the "Medpod" could easily become bestsellers and I'd be so excited to see Hot Toys having a go at them! Imagine a medpod in 1/6 scale to go along with "Shaw", like they did it with "Ripley" and the "Powerloader" from 'Aliens'! Wouldn't that be just awesome?

Well, let's keep fingers crossed they make it happen...

NoXWord ›

This is almost sexy, and even though I don't fancy its posture (not really "Alien"), I might consider the purchase once I have enough space to show it off properly

joeyjoe ›

the only prometheus figure i see is elizabeth shaw. Anyone seeing any other prometheus entities in the above pictures?
Although im much more fond of NECA's work (particularly their sculpts and their price-points), id like to see H.T. do various engineers...particularly the sacrificial engineer w all of his accessories (robe, sandals, sacrificial urn/bowl, detachable/interchangable segments of body that have been affected by the black goo etc).
Any word on other prometheus figures that H.T. may be planning? how tall are these figures going to be (approximately 12"?) ?

*Just as a friendly service announcement to my fellow plastic junkies, NECA's david8 and the deacon are hitting shelves late february. Hicks, hudson, and the Alien (james cameron styled xeno) are hitting shelves in april*

joeyjoe ›

here is a link to a video that provides a slightly different look at the Hot Toys Elizabeth Shaw.

Looks pretty good. the suit looks a bit baggy and the boots dont look like they fit/lay right. Having said that, it is likely that the image in the abovementioned video does not show the finished product. Ill withhold judgement until i see the finished figure. CrackaLACKING aside, the host of the video does bring up a great point. Why on earth did H.T. wait so long to release their prometheus line? Neca's figures look amazing, were released with the film, sell for approximately 16-17 bucks a piece, have a relatively wide distribution, and still are selling just enough to keep the line crawling forward. Cant imagine that H.T. prometheus figures are going to fly off the shelf (though i hope that they do!). Cant wait to see a finished E. Shaw and hopefully a pressure suit engineer.
btw...I think im seeing a baby "trilobite" in the second set of pictures posted in this thread?

HAL 9000 ›

This thread on sideshowcollectors has got all the info you can wish for. It goes way back, so it's a lengthy read but probably worth bookmarking and occassionally checking for news... So yes, there's a squid coming up. Enjoy.

@Nox: Right on there! I wish I could afford one of those. Anyhow, right now I'm pretty happy with my N.E.C.A Engineers and I have just pre-ordered the David/Deacon set! They're just so much more gentle on the wallet, aren't they? Hope all is well at your end mate!

joeyjoe ›

Im with you, hal. For the price, NECA's stuff simply cannot be beat. I just pre-ordered NECA prometheus series 2 as well. hope sales are good so we can get series 3! david and the deacon look amazing!
Having said all of that, H.T. has piqued my interest. we'll see how things turn out.

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