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Prometheus 2 will NOT be written by Damon Lindelof

Author: Chris Picard | Dec-19-2012 11:23 PM

Prometheus' Sequel, Prometheus 2, or 'Paradise' is expected to bring the Engineer race back in cinemas for late 2014 or 2015, no official release date has yet been set. But recently, Collider got a chance to speak with Prometheus co-scribe Damon Lindelof who confirmed he will NOT be writing the sequel to Ridley Scott's Sci-Fi epic Prometheus. Read on for the excerpt:

Prometheus' Sequel Expected to Hit Theaters 2014-15

Collider: I know from people at Fox that they were really happy with the worldwide box office of Prometheus and that they are moving forward on a sequel. Are you involved at all?

Damon Lindelof: I am not. Ridley [Scott] and I talked at great length during the story process of the first movie about what subsequent movies would be if Prometheus were to be successful. And I think that the movie ended in a very specific way that hinted at, or strongly implied that there were going to be continuing adventures worthy of writing stories. What those stories would be would not necessarily usurp or transcend the Alien franchise as we saw it because we know that the Nostromo hasn't come along yet. So the idea was to set up a universe that - Is it a prequel? Okay. If that's what we want to call it, sure. But the sequel to this movie is not Alien. The sequel to this movie is this other thing.

So Ridley and I talked about what that other thing might be, and he was excited about doing it. But then I think what ended up happening was that the movie came out, and there was a reaction to the movie. And I got really wrapped up in Trek, and really wrapped up in this movie that I'm producing and writing with Brad Bird. And I have a TV project that I was really passionate about. Ridley and I had a meeting after Prometheus came out where we started talking again about where this journey would go. And in that meeting I said to him, unfortunately, before he could ask me and go through the discomfort of whether he was going to ask me or not... It's sort of like having a date where you're letting the other person know, "I'm in another relationship." So I can't tell you that he asked me and I said no. But I did communicate to him that I was working on these other things.

The thing about Prometheus was it was a rewrite. Jon Spaihts wrote a script and I rewrote it. And still it was a year of my life that I spent on Prometheus, kind of all in. The idea of building a sequel to it - from the ground up this time - with Ridley is tremendously exciting. But at the same time, I was like, "Well that's probably going to be two years of my life." I can't do what J.J. [Abrams] does. I don't have the capability. I'm usually very single-minded creatively. I can only be working on one thing at a time. So I said to him, "I really don't think I could start working on this movie until I do this other stuff. And I don't know when the other stuff is going to be done." And he was like, "Well, okay, it's not like I asked you anyways." He and I are on excellent terms and it was a dream come true to work with him. But much to the delight of all the fanboys, I don't see myself being involved in Prometheus-er.

Source: Collider

Be sure to follow news on Prometheus 2 / Paradise Here and check for updates on Prometheus and it's Sequel.

So, what do you think of Damon Lindelof not be involved in creating Paradise? Leave your comments below!

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Comments (17)

Svanya ›

This news does not surprise me.

Chris Picard ›

Same here. Damon's style was great for Prometheus, leaving it ambiguous, as it was meant to be. But the sequels, will start to narrow and hopefully answer some more of our questions, so ambiguity will need to be less on the upcoming Prometheus sequels.

Though, I really enjoyed Lindelof and Spaihts' work on Prometheus.

djamelameziane ›

Probably for the best - yer kind of guessed it. Though now after seeing more about how it was made I am not so sure Lindelof was such a baddie :S . Though they really need to work on the characters in my eyes next film!

NoXWord ›

That's some sort of relief for me. I never had anything against Lindelof (haven't seen Lost) and really didn't know much about his style/productions before Prometheus, nor I could understand why there was so much hate about him.
But watching all the extra features on the BD, including various interviews to Lindelof, I really came to hate him and every word he said. Arguably, all the flaws in the movie were his and Scott's fault. The difference between him and Scott, though, is that Scott has contributed (in my opinion) to both good and bad things in the film, while Lindelof didn't have anything good to contribute in this gigantic overhyped movie arena.


Membrane ›

I'm with you, Chris.

I didn't mind the ambiguity in 'Prometheus', especially knowing we are getting more movies that will hopefully answer some of those questions.

The only thing that's bugged me is the cutting out of a couple scenes that I thought would have helped support other scenes, and I don't believe that's on Lindelof.

SubsumeYou ›

I agree with Djamel, Noxwood and Membrane. Wow!! Tee hee hee hee....we're going to get to 'Paradise'. Yeah!!

aintnozeno ›

Thank God.

No more "made for TV" Alien films!

Prenihility ›

Best news yet, post-release of Prometheus.

cuponator3000 ›

yes! although his writing wasn't that bad i believe a there is a stronger writer for this upcoming movie

Angora ›

I admit that I though lots of scenes of the scientists were stupidly written and I thought could be done so much better, I'm worried about how new writers go off the real meaning of the movie and don't realise what the fans really want: not having the experience of the first movie.

But the script may very well be all the better for it.
I just hate having to wait soooo long for the next movie ;o;

Preston ›

I did not like the movie, nor do I like Lindelof's writing. I am happy that a sequel will be in the works that does not involve him, however, I do not like how Prometheus ended so I don't like the notion of a movie picking up there.

Patient Leech ›

After watching the Writers Commentary with the Blu-ray release I'm kind of upset that Lindelof won't be involved with the sequel(s). It is an EXCELLENT commentary track with both Lindelof and Spaihts. Lindelof gives a great defense for the film and justification for how he wrote it. He did a great job and if it weren't for him, we'd have just another Alien movie, but instead ended up with something a bit more substantial and contemplative. I'm concerned now that there might be some difficulty with continuity since they have to bring in another writer. Ridley will still be very precious with it, though, so I guess there really is nothing to fear..

nostromo001 ›

We have to admit, for all the bad things that have been said about D. Lindelof, a Spaihths only script would have been a huge failure and we would not even be here thinking about such an imagine-less derivative redundant movie. It would have angered all true discerning Alien fans so we really should stop with the Damon Lindelof criticisms. The script, as others here have pointed out was a collaborative work that appropriately left openings allowing a lot of directions for sequels but those sequels, I agree, will need to be narrowed down to a coherent story. Having said that I am in agreement that Damen Lindelof has served his purpose and its probably for the best that he not apply his 'Lost' open story approach to script writing in the sequel. I have learned to trust Ridley Scott in his creative choices regarding everything from script writers to casting directors and cast. In fact in every aspect of film making Ridley Scott reigns as superb which is why we all love his films.

Kane77 ›


facebugger ›

This is the best new's I've heard since....well, since I heard that Ridley Scott is going to make a new film called Prometheus!

Now all Ridley needs to do is go back and remake Prometheus from scratch and pretend that abomination never happened and then make a GOOD squeal.

Do you think that is to much to ask? lol

Anyway how the heck did it take Lindelof a year to rewrite the story anyway? If you read the original screen play it's mostly the same (mostly), except for a quite a few big chunks cut out and name changes the rest plays out exactly the same...and it took him a year to do that? I could have done that in 10 minutes on word, and for a fraction of the price...maybe I should apply to butcher the next script!

Merjanidas ›

the best news about this films, Damon bugs all films and series he has written

hadeze ›

there is something in the way Lindelof relates the conversation between director Ridley and himself. describing their agreement to separate like talking to a date. the tone is not right. in spite of the great compliment he pays Ridley Scott somehow his description of their meeting rings untrue. I agree with facebugger -- although I have not read the original script - but to talk about 1 year of rewriting when only discursory changes are made, cf. facebugger again makes one wonder. finally, i have to add that the script of P1 was god-awful. there was no strength in the texts, no clear humor or the sound of definite characters: vague, sloppy, incoherent ... then, there is the collosal mistake to leave Dr. Shaw solo at the end, alone with David. She needs him like a hole in the head. Ridley never needed the hybrid in Alien 1 or 2.... and Dr. Shaw is not Ridley. the latter was always a tough lady. Dr. Shaw, under Lindelof's pen, is a female nerd ... not forecful, not effective and unable to rally the science crew around her. all ends badly in the P1, except for the bugs, snakes, squids, alien and Engineer, forgot the cobra-like serpent... for these latter guys all ends well. but that's not what we wanted to see happening.

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