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Behind the Scenes of NECA's Prometheus Series 2 Lineup!

Author: Chris Picard | Dec-14-2012 5:23 PM

First quarter of 2013 will dawn the release of the highly anticipated Prometheus: Series 2 action figure lineup from NECA Toys and below, we have a behind the scenes look at the David 8 figure along with some details about the other models featured in this new series.

David 8 Figure - Prometheus Series 2 by NECA


The final version of David from Prometheus Series 2 comes with 2 interchangeable heads, a flashlight and a removable helmet. Product shown in behind-the-scenes may not be finished and is subject to change.

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Also be sure to check out the new Deacon and Hammerpede figures which also come with the preserved Engineer decapitated head!

Deacon and Hammerpede Figures from Prometheus Series 2 by NECA


Following NECA's Prometheus Series 2 figures, expect a close follow-up with Series 3! Watch for the latest updates on all things Prmetheus.

Special thanks to Jon Griffith over at NECA for the news!

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Comments (14)

Anunnaki50 ›

I want the one with the Proto-Alien and David 8. Shaw and Halloway I'll get later but I gotta have an Extra-Terrestrial collection before I collect the humans. I always loved the Hammerpede and Engineer head too.

joeyjoe ›

Im definitely picking up david and the "deacon - creature pack". The engineers from series 1 were, imo, amazing! Series 2 is shaping up to be just as good.

I sure hope the neca prometheus line makes it to a series 3 and 4. If sales are good enough, neca has stated that they have 6 more figures ready to roll out after series 2 (shaw, holloway, vickers, infected fifield, holographic versions of both "pressure suit" and "chair suit" engineers). None of the aforementioned figures are certain and everything is based on sales so, if you like plastic and prometheus, buy these figures! hehe.

btw: check out Neca's engineer/trilobite "2 pack" available at T.R.U. right now. Its pretty great!
thanks for posting the info, chris!

Ripley McPreviouscharacter ›

First quarter 2013? Well THAT would explain why I haven't seen the Deacon anywhere. I also haven't seen any space jockies floating around in comic shops either, haven't been looking very hard, but I check every other time I'm there. I'm really hoping this isn't a thing you have to order, because I just bought my Predtorian alien in the comic shop. But then, I think McFarlane made those.

Super psyched about the Deacon, too. I've got this box set of everything up to the first AvP which is in these two rock like bases with an Alien and a Predator standing on top of them, I put AvPR next to it and stood a predtorian on top of the box, so it won't just look like some dumb box and actually fit in with the rest of the display. So basically, if I don't have a Deacon to put on top of the Prometheus case, it'll just look silly. :c

Space-Jockey ›

@Ripley McPreviouscharacter
I think you should order them off also Toys R us has all the figures.

The Toys R us I went didn't have it so I ordered it online. It's great the Trilobite is awesome!

joeyjoe ›

agreed! the 2 pack is fantastic.
Although TRU tends to take FOREVER to stock items, once they finally have said items in their inventory, T.R.U. or definitely has the best selection and pricing on NECA prometheus stuff.

Slightly off topic (but badass nonetheless so ill mention it)...
check out bigbadtoystore and look at their pre-orders; NECA Aliens figures coming april 2013. Series 1 includes hicks, hudson, and the james cameron styled Alien. Wow! these look amazing! hudson's likeness is spot on!
Cant wait for NECA's Prometheus series 2 and Aliens series 1 (both should be in the spring if all goes well).

Space-Jockey ›

@joeyjoe Wow! I had no idea they were making those, I defiantly have to pick up a few. By the way I saw your review on Amazon for the pressure suit engineer. Did yours have the hand defect?

joeyjoe ›

@space jockey: Well, ive actually purchased 6 pressure suit engineers (lol! nuts). I get extras of the lines i really like (prometheus/aliens etc.) so i can leave one fig. in the package and do some custom repainting on a figure or two etc. Of the 6 pressure suit engineers ive purchased to date, only one has had the "loose left hand" issue. Have any of your engineers had the "loose left hand" issue?
Yeah man, im still most excited about the prometheus line from NECA, but i will definitely be picking up the Aliens figures as well! The sculpts look fantastic! If sales are good (and i feel sure they will be), NECA is planning to do a multi figure run with the marines/aliens etc. We will likely get variations of hicks and hudson, more marines, and "battle damaged" aliens. sound great!
take care!

Theseus ›


djrees56 ›

Looks exciting. The only thing that would put some of these toys "over the top" is if they included Li'l L.E.D's in the helmets and/or spacesuits. ;) But they look really cool anyway.

Anunnaki50 ›

You could easily put in the LEDs' yourself like how some people will do customizations to their own figures. Besides I have 3 Engineers and about to have 6 Predator figures from NECAs' Lost Tribe of Predators.

joeyjoe ›

Randy (head of product development at neca) officially confirmed a street date of late February for prometheus series 2 figures. Nice to finally know. Pre-orders should be going up soon.

Space-Jockey ›

@djrees56 NECA did this with their Issac Clark Figure (Dead Space) where there was button you could push to trigger the LED lights in the helmet and suit.

joeyjoe ›

...public service announcement...
Neca prometheus series 2 (david + the deacon) is up for pre-order on both and Both stores appear to be offering the figures for the same price. Of note, the pre-order info on both of the previously mentioned sites states that the approximate date of availability for series 2 will be april. Neca said the street date was late feb. I contacted NECA again today and they confirmed that the US street date should be approximately late feb. Dunno why toywiz and BBTS have them listed as april. Its likely those pre-order estimates will be moved up to feb. or march in the coming weeks. Go pre-order these bad boys!

joeyjoe ›

public service announcement...
Neca Prometheus Series 2 (david and the deacon "creature pack") is widely available. just put both figures up on their website. TRU offers the best pricing on these figures (15.99 each). Really great figures. Just thought id let everyone know. If series 2 sells well enough, we may have the opportunity to purchase shaw and infected fifield in several months. we'll see.

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