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UPDATE: Damon Lindelof Confirms 'Paradise' Script is Official

Author: Chris Picard | Nov-14-2012 10:12 PM

November is officially Prometheus Script Leak Month. Following the official leak of Jon Spaihts' Prometheus script entitled Alien: Engineers the other day we now get word of Damon Lindelof's early Prometheus script entitled "PARADISE".

UPDATE: Damon Lindelof recently confirmed via Twitter that the "Paradise" script is in fact an early draft of his before it became Prometheus.

You can read the script: HERE!

Have a read and let us know what you think of it in the comments section below, or in the Prometheus Movie Forums!

Thanks to Collider for the script and news!

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Comments (19)

Chris Picard ›

I've Tweeted yet again to Mr. Lindelof on his Twitter to ask him if this is in fact his this time.

I have to say though, the number of script leaks, real and fake this month have been astounding.

aintnozeno ›

Awfully close to the film, and it includes some of the deleted scenes as well.

Spaights original script was FAR better.

It's as if Daemon and Scott were so determined to do something different that they became completely lost (no pun intended)- resulting in a dumbstruck audience. I enjoyed Prometheus, but the biggest thing I took away from it was a big feeling of "WTF?!?!?!"

Hopefully the ideas in original script will find their way into PARADISE. I hope so anyway...

Svanya ›

Awesome. Gonna read this! I'm pretty sure it's legit.

It'sLikeAnAnthive ›

Interesting so far when comparing the two... But geez. ALL CAPS RAGE! Lindelof has a very "unique" style of writing... to say the least. The "toaster" line on page 86 is annoying too me as well. Again, unique style of writing....

caenorhabhditis ›

vey hard to read its very "bam" "swash" "kapow" can almost picture the writer with a white sweater draped over shoulders fresh from the tennis court interrupting Ridleys business brunch under a parasoled table at some swish L.A joint (So 80's) pitching it like his mortgage depended on it with enthusiastic jazz hands hahahaha

caenorhabhditis ›

funny that in this version if genuine the original idea instead of the deadly black goo was the deadly black..... hash cake!? lmao

BigDave ›

I think both writers had good points and maybe we should have hopped they accidentally poured over Black Goo... Ink on their Scripts and we got one that had a mix of both ideas.

If i had to pick a idea i would gone for Lindeloffs well more from his than Spaights but would have had Lindeloffs idea executed by someone else so as to have more explanation and less holes.

Butt then a lot of those occured in the edit room when they cut the movie and some inconsistencies in the actual shooting...

Necronom 4 ›

Just finished reading it. I prefered Spaihts script!

One of the main things that really gets my goat about this film, is that, Ridley is trying to say that religion is BAD. But, miracles are aplenty with Shaw and her trusty cross? Silently praying for intervention from the holy spirit. Then, miraculously, she escapes whatever disaster comes her way? Wtf?.

I really don't think the whole process as been thought out properly. because time was not on their side maybe? I'm so dissapointed! *cry*

I can't believe what a mocery they've made of my beloved Space Jockey!. F***heads they are! So they are!

caenorhabhditis ›

Nope hats off to lindelof he was responsible for a large propotion of what i liked about the movie than i was expecting he deserves more credit than the flack hes getting

Aliens was seminal yes but the follow ups killed it IMO i didnt want more gore than i got, something i was uneasy about going into the cinema for my first HD 3D experience, i wasnt actually expecting to like it i went because someone i knew didnt want to go alone. what i enjoyed the amazing landscapes the alien movies had been claustrophobic, the characters were less formulaic.

Plus the android got a role on par with the lead female almost eclipsing her tbh the way Nolans villains did his batman, and the engineers and the implications of the related storyline was great. if it had just been another agh the alien parasite ppl die heroine survives, leaves, but wait theres still something left i would not have been impressed

caenorhabhditis ›

and you know what i dont really care how or exactly when the xeno came about! its a violent animal! the engineers are more interesting......

Svanya ›

Yes I agree with you caenorhabhditis, while I enjoyed Spaith's script, I actually preferred the changes Lindelof made to it.

LewisM ›

I have some skepticism that this was written by a real screenwriter. It is amatuerish IMHO in the places that are "new" compared to the movie.

Chris Picard ›

Now that it's been confirmed, what do you think?

LewisM ›

LewisM ›

Glad it got edited to hell if it is genuine!

BigDave ›

The Draft seemed better executed than the actual movie, some parts from the movie was better but the draft seemed to flow better.

When they shot the movie scenes it seems that some of the draft never made it and while some parts improved on the draft others lacked.

But the end product suffered more damage due to the nature of he cuts made to scenes that was taken out and confused even more when Ridley and Fox seemed to wish to take the Theatrical Cut as the Official story and plot and thus made some remarks and some clues that would expel the extras as not being part of the Story.

This really all added to well a movie that makes less sense than if we had a longer cut.

jotd ›

Is there any place that lists all the leaked scripts (including the fake ones)?

Cry Havoc ›

Mu ›

Hmmm...Paradise=The Garden of Eden???

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