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More from Comic Con: Prometheus Footage

Author: Chris Picard | 07/21/2011

Following Comic-Con's event and Prometheus Preview, website posted up a very lengthy and detailed report of the previewing! Read what they had to say below:

"And then the actual footage from the film starts, and its a huge flood of creeptastic imagery that recalls Alien but also a bit of 2001: A Space Odyssey. There are guys in pressure suits exploring an ancient chamber with weird hieroglyphs, and a guy in a spacesuit walking through a sliding door into a clean white chamber. And a guy (who might be Michael Fassbender) pulling a weird jelly-looking thing out of a canister. And as Ridley Scott's voiceover notes that things that may look small in the film will turn out to be important, there is a shot of a drop of blood on a finger. There is Charlize Theron on a table with bandages wrapped around her breasts, as though she's waking from hypersleep.

And then the footage gets faster and more furious, with a guy in a visor looking down at something, a woman in a suit walking into a red entryway, and a globe, and then Scott says, "The cast find an establishment which is not what they expected it to be, it's a civilization but what we find in it is very uncivilized behavior." And then there is insane carnage and people with goop inside their space helmets and someone shooting a flamethrower, and mayhem breaking loose in confined spaces. Meanwhile, Scott's voiceover is saying that there will be biomechanoids and the film will "break new ground." We see a giant pale planet with rings around it." -

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Comments (18)

JonesyTheCat ›

Even though I hate this expression, all I can say is O...M...G!

ZetaReticuli ›

I wholeheartedly second that emotion Jonesy!

JonesyTheCat ›

I would give my right facehuggers finger to see this footage! Hopefully it will turn up on YouTube soon!!

red hood ›

Is there a link to the footage shown??
I'm so looking forward to this as well as The Dark Knight Rises.
Next summer is going to be off the charts

JonesyTheCat ›

I found something on YouTube -

Looks like Noomi Rapace is wearing a white spacesuit?

red hood ›

I found several things on YouTube
but what's real

astromax ›

Where is this footage of the film?

astromax ›

Fassbender's android role slipped out too easily when security has been so tight for everything else. Now Ridley in this video says there may be two androids. I think the android mentions are misdirection. In the Comic-Con video Ridley basically says he will do another 3D Alien film (with the Prometheus survivors?) with another script to be written by Damon. Thats huge news.

Ingwar ›

Another (after Prometheus) Alien film made by Ridley? God dammit!

ZetaReticuli ›

@ astromax and ingwar - I've read that Ridley Scott has booked the sound stages
at Pinewood for two years (probably counting late 2010 at the start of production, I assume), so yes, the possibility of a 'part 2' seems likely though not 100% sure.

astromax ›

In one account of the footage shown there is this great line. "A full size humanoid alien was seen in the burn of a flamethrower, tail and all." Also there is this.
"Michael Fassbender’s character does look like the Android characters from the previous alien films but in one shot, we see him cry; in another, he appears to prick his finger and draw blood."

Ingwar ›

Pinewood Studios is a major British film studio situated in Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire. I live in Buckinghamshire (Bucks) and ... hmm I must go there one day.

Promethean ›

Let's hope Fox puts out a teaser trailer with the release of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which opens next week.


I was at this panel at Comic Con, and I must say...despite how exciting it was to actually see footage, it is still just as mysterious as before. It didn't give any idea of what the premise of the story is, but it does look intense, scary, and totally awesome. Michael Fassbender looks so cool-android or not. The surprise satellite call with Ridley Scott and Noomi Rapace from Iceland was awesome as well, but equally confusing-they are all doing a great job of keeping this a secret! I believe this movie is going to be bad ass and as much as we want to know more about it, it is going to blow us away when we see it with out any preconotations or expectations :)

Promethean ›

According to the IMDB message board, Fox will be launching on August 5, 2011. The Comic Con footage is rumored to be there along with character profiles and more. I have no idea if this news is accurate, but if it is, it means we don't have long to wait to see some actual footage from the film!

astromax ›

astromax ›

Low res cellphone(?) pics leak from comic con teaser trailer.

Some other sites have already taken their pics
down by studio request. Hurry if u wanna see. I put a
slideshow on youtube

but it won't last long I'm sure.

Spunkmeyer V2.0 ›

Totally wild ... Can't we just watch it tomorrow ? PLEASE .

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