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Prometheus 2 On the Way - 2014 or 2015!

Author: Chris Picard | Aug-01-2012 12:37 PM

Looks like we won't have to wait too long for the Prometheus sequel; rumored to be titled "Paradise". The HollyWoodReporter recently caught up with Fox who said the following:

The studio's big summer bet was Ridley Scott's Prometheus, June's sort-of Alien prequel. The $130 million-budgeted film grossed a solid but not spectacular $303 million globally, putting it right on the franchise bubble. Fox confirms to THR that Scott and the studio actively are pushing ahead with a follow-up (stars Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace are signed) and are talking to new writers because Prometheus co-scribe Damon Lindelof might not be available. "Ridley is incredibly excited about the movie, but we have to get it right. We can't rush it," says Fox president of production Emma Watts, who also has overseen the successful reboots of the X-Men and Planet of the Apes franchises by turning over the reigns to innovative filmmakers. A Prometheus sequel would be released in 2014 or 2015.

Looks very promising. Good to see Ridley excited to carry on the franchise. Looks like we won't have to wait another 30 years for our answers!

This does bring up the question now - what is Fox planning for 10.11.12?

Thanks to Seeasea for the news. Source: The HollyWoodReporter

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Comments (74)

Sergey ›

I'm just happy Damon Lindelof will not touch the script!

SpaceJockey1082 ›

thats still too long to wait might aswell be 30 years gosh

**Al** ›

He is no available to write the second One?? :P i w.ill Do a party here tonigth!

thanks Chris, is always so good have fresh news from this site.

star beast ›

@Sergey +1 I am thinking that the film will stand a better chance of making more sense than the first. It was not really Scott's fault that so
much of the original idea got muddled up due to the added writers arrogance in dragging out one script into a supposed trilogy.

Garcia el Gringo ›

Glorious day. I'm so happy right now! Learn from Prometheus and make the sequel a modern day classic!

. ›

Lindelof will not be available because I haz him turned into Bacon.

Svanya ›

So, Ridley is directing it?? Awesome! I do like him a lot. I am really happy Lindelof won't be available to write anything. :D

genjitsu17 ›



Great news... this house gerts loud, bright and escitted tonight... something to look forward to!
I Hope Scott's in the seat!

fader ›

Thatís stellar news Chris, but I am still hoping that some of the sequel has already been filmed, being that the main characters Shaw and David and the Juggernaut were still in place after the filming of P-1. Canít believe Fox would rebuild the set for the Juggernaut. But if P-2 does come out in 2014, perhaps 10-11-12 could be a short viral clip of the Juggernaut traveling in FTL speed thru space just to get the fans overly excited for the upcoming sequel.....

Feebs ›

Totally looking forward this- can't wait :D

Cremildo ›

This is the news of the year. After a relatively lukewarm box-office gross, I was unsire the studio would be eager to produce another one.

Oh, God, it is such an incredible story. We ought to see the Paradise! :D

get-it-out-of-me! ›

Oh hell YEAH! Frankly five minutes is too long to wait but I'll take this.

It'sLikeAnAnthive ›

Wahooo! 2014, such a long time... at least we can speculate about it, share theories and grow impatient on this website while the date comes closer and excitement mounts :) Geez, best news I've heard in a long time! Still can't believe no Lindelof... YES! :D

Custodian ›

Really? Lindelof too busy? Hm, makes one wonder if THIS NEWS was his 'exit clause' from the 'mess' he left...

Unless Lindelof knows too much about 10.11.12???


oduodu ›

Just glad there is a sequel but RS must direct.

Ingwar ›

Great news! I'm so happy knowing that Ridley is going to make another two s-f movies, new Blade Runner and Prometheus 2 (Paradise or whatever they going to call it:).

Late ›

THIS is absolutely stellar.

Been critical of the movie itself around the boards, but going back through how much fun I had at midnight watching the film night of release, and at the end, turning to my drinking buddy and saying "Paradise is next, Chief".

Membrane ›

So, if Scott directs, I assume he'd have to go immediately from 'The Counselor' to 'Paradise' to hit those release dates.

I wonder where the Blade Runner sequel and Moses, Monopoly and Brave New World movies that Scott has mentioned would fit in. I'm thinking Blade Runner would be after Paradise considering he said a month ago that Blade Runner "is in process now" and gave a small tidbit of a scene in the movie (vast farmland, no hedges, small white house, huge combine, hovering car being chased by dogs...). Anyone else hear anything specific?

Membrane ›

... oh, and as far as 10-11-12 is concerned, is it at all possible that Fox Studio's comments about a 2014 or 2015 release are just to throw us off the scent of it already being filmed and set for a release in 2013 with a trailer launch on 10-11-12? I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but it is nonetheless intriguing to think about that as a possibility. Would truly be one of the most incredibly best kept secrets.

Juxtapose ›

this is uber exciting news...I am so thrilled....tho i knew their would be a sequel...Ridley always wanted to make one and judging by it's success at the box-office (bear in mind it still have'nt even been released in some countries) it was an inevitability!...

But remember they said that Lindelof MIGHT not be available for a sequel....if he does return for the sequel....I won't necessarily mind much....sure his learned his lesson and so did Scott...he won't give Lindelof as much freedom as before...or perhaps he will only co-write...?

Crabfart ›

Goody gum drops if prometheus had stayed on its own I might have cried :P ! If its all true 2 years is quiet fast in film terms I would imagine more likely 2015 :( . Still thinking TV on 101112 though yes this could be to throw us off the scent a bit....a trailer for part 2 is possible but it might be a bit empty unless they did actually shoot it in spain in the water tanks?

Mr Ruhaniya ›

Woo Hoo! God Willing I WILL BE THERE! 3 more years of surfing this site...I'm going to have to start a grow op

Major Noob ›

Is it true? Cheers, Ridley!

aurorian ›

This is very positive news, regardless of whether or not FOX are boxing clever in order to maintain a public profile of Prometheus, thus helping sales of the forthcoming DVD/BluRay.


A grow op? Tell me what that is?

Major Noob ›

@aurorian: It's when you start to feel self conscious about obsessing over a sci fi film. In other words, not for another coupla years at least!

NCC 1701 ›

wow ,,,lets get the party started

aurorian ›

@Major Noob

I'm self-conscious already. Where do I go for treatment?

Mekja-Tek ›

I love it when news like this get my forum's conspiracy theorist in top gear! I also thought aboot that 10/11/12 binary puzzle. Special Edition merchandise or surprise teaser for sequel/prequel who knows? I am loving this moment right now. I wont be loving another Lindelofian inspired outing. I did not watch Lost and I don't like people messing with my ALIEN/Space Jockey now Engineer babies.

Lindelof has been solid on letting people know through the interviews since PROMETHEUS's release that most of the issues we have with the film mainly stems from the original Spaight script and ideas from Ridley.

Hmm. What to make of this idea and now a pending sequel, I just don't know.

Major Noob ›

aurorian: This site will have to suffice. Find solace among the similarly afflicted! SEQUEL! Here's something new for me to go on about ad nauseum.

allinamberclad ›


SubsumeYou ›

Hell yes!!!!!!

Mala'kak ›

Great to hear. And agreed with Mekja-Tek about Lindelof. Got a conspiracy for ya too.

I just don't know if he's shifting the blame because he really didn't have that much to do with the overall plot, or if he's shifting the blame a little too much because he knows he didn't execute all the ideas in the best way possible and would work better as a producer. As he's hinted towards before in interviews. I think he's definitely unavailable to be the writer, but Ridley's directing and he's producing to keep the three-story arc he had in mind at least somewhat consistent.

Maybe they realized Prometheus only had to be so much to start the franchise. So they held some stuff back purposely to wow us on the bluray and the relaunching. Changing the movie completely with the additional footage and giving us clues as to what will happen in the sequel.

And they really do need to take their time and have a very talented writer on everything the sequel entails.

With the ancient aliens being Spaight's idea, and the original idea Ridley's (that the space jockey was a suit); I don't know if Lindelof should get all the blame for the things people don't like about the movie.
To me they left it just ambiguous enough to leave themselves a way out of the retcon in the sequel...

Yeah, Lindelof drew out the storyline into more than one movie, but I think that's the only reason he chose to tone down the alien elements in this first one.

I think he was planning to completely flip the script again, in multiple ways, after everyone believed we had just been introduced to the true gods. In one interview he even called it a retcon himself but then says he warmed up to the idea. I think he warmed up to it because he found a way to make both ideas work, but wants us confused now...

And that's the only reason he went with the humanoid space jockey idea. See, we're like the characters in the movie, we're just assuming the Engineers are Space Jockeys right now, because that's what we've been led to believe from what we know. I think it really will be a huge mythology they're setting up. Who's to say the Engineers didn't steal their technology/bioweapon from the true creators of both us and them, then tried to spread the fire to other worlds, misused their technology and were punished. Which forced them into a war with this other faction: the true god-like creatures. Causing the sinking of their civilization much like the last of the Atlanteans, the warmongering Atlanteans of Greek myth. Destroyed in an accidental plague and then sunk with terraforming/world altering tech to destroy all traces of civilization for taking their science too far (weaponizing the fire).

Or the Atlanteans were destroyed from above, with some good survivors sticking around on the earth and luna to teach early humans and early civilizations of our true creators and the fallen angels' war against the heavens. Weyland knew this but didn't know the full story. However the Engineers who became the new kings of the earth after an ancient war-making king died, couldn't have known what happened to the ones who escaped the plaguing and flooding of their Atlantean Paradise kingdom and tried to reestablish new Paradise worlds. Which have now been mostly lost as well, as David and Shaw find out when they learn that much the same kind of recurring plaguing and flooding from above described in every religion occurred elsewhere too.

The Engineers are sort of jealous of us because we got to live in the garden after it was destroyed, after the Paradise that was once on earth in a long forgotten time was destroyed. And the true gods seem to favor us from the Engineers' perspective because they allowed us to survive through the destruction of the first Earth kingdom and then again and again each time the Earth was flooded or punished from above by one of the gods because we had been listening to the snakes.

The Engineers became more warlike and we've become only a step in the bioweapon after they saw we were forming empires, becoming more warlike ourselves, and had not been punished as they had by the true fathers. We're now a part of their war against the others. and most of them were forced to slither out of the garden off ancient earth and into the stars. They're really our older brothers and precede us as Shaw says. And returned many times later posing as god-kings, and confusing our myths about them.

The empire the Engineers/Elder Engineers(-Engineer kings) once served will be explored. While the Weyland and Yutani kingdoms join together after one losing its head prompts the merger, and they become a less perfect version of how the Weyland company was when it was under a brilliant king's leadership. The new head and virus that have entered the Weyland kingdom morph the body of the company through the death of the head and will join forces with Yutani to create an Empire-like organization. It's almost already at Empire levels because of the colonies.

Weyland's golden age is over and now things are less perfect than the paradise-like state everything had been in under Weyland's direction. But in this case the body/kingdom of the company continues to thrive after the head falls and is changed by the virus, morphing the head into something new and the body into an even larger and more monstrous entity. The Empire becomes more militaristic as they try their hand at weaponizing the fire again and again.

Major Noob ›

Mala'kak: it's been said here several times and by myself as well that maybe the thing on LV426 was a separate entity, not an Engineer but maybe one if their masters? When you think about it, why did David need a ladder to reach the controls for the very large door? Was all that made for something much MUCH bigger? Maybe LV223 is a Space Jockey outpost. Alsi, I gotta say this: the only thing that has bugged me about Lindelof or Spaigts is how they're passing the buck. I know I'm in the minority here but I was perfectly happy with the writing, these guys are talented artists, STAND UP FOR YOUR WORK! From what I've seen, all the pieces are in place for a massive new mythology and tremendous work of imagination. Be proud!

joeyjoe ›

so very excited!!! Tip of the cap to Fox and Ridley for staying the creative course. Noomi and Michael were both fantastic; so glad they are signed on. bring on paradise!!

@major noob: I completely agree! i made a post a while back basically saying what you stated above. Lindelof and spaihts need to straighten their spine and defend their work! prometheus is easily defended.

Major Noob ›

Joeyjoe: Thank you! I think time will smile on these guys and I don't believe for a second that Prometheus has damaged Ridleys legacy in any way. The man has proved he has more going on at 74 than most ever will.

SubsumeYou ›

I'm just so damn glad that the sequel is going to happen. Go, Ridley Scott!!!! : )

Mala'kak ›

@Major Noob I think that's a very interesting point and I don't discount it at all. I do agree that there definitely could have been something much larger using that temple. There's a couple other reasons like the statues of the suits too. But I kind of include that in my theory that these guys have challenged the true gods, stolen their technology (like Weyland tried to do), and proceeded to keep misusing it; portraying themselves as gods and worshiping themselves.

However, they now emulate the true gods and wear their bio-suits; using the stolen technology to punish worlds as they see fit. Worlds where the creation of their colonies caused side effects: smaller clones of themselves who also crawled out the ocean eventually before their entire mythic kingdom returned to the ocean.

Now they've been at war with the others for millions of years (ties into Ridley's original idea of Space Jockies having enemies). The hologram recordings were all from the incident around 2000 years ago. They think they should be at the top of the hierarchy now and wished to kill their creators... Seeing themselves as far superior to us and wanting to rule not only us but those above them, much like David does in both cases...
David's statement about them being superior is deliberately ambiguous. To us they're superior. David's subtly being sarcastic through his ambiguity. He's really saying he's superior to us and them.

He also may have learned a lot about the myths about various factions of alien astronaut sounding groups through studying the languages, histories and writings of the ancient civilizations referenced. Therefore he's like Lawrence of Arabia. He spent time learning all the ways of the the groups/tribes he'll eventually try to lead together against an Empire. He can speak the tongue of the natives like in his favorite movie, and was just rehearsing for a much bigger plan he has in mind. He acts away his true emotions and hides much of them, because he has a big plan in mind.
Him being the "head" that survives and preferred closest thing to a son to the Weyland throne. He has a hidden subconscious desire driven by his superiority complex to rule. And that's partially why he wanted to kill Weyland, but had to do so subtly to gain freedom from his creator. He thought he would make a far superior leader.

Over Weyland and even what he's come to learn and mislead the others about the Engineers.

David already knows what he's gonna do, knows about all the groups, tribes and Empires he'll be dealing with, but we don't know.

He learned even more about this culture, their true beliefs, who they really are, and who their possible enemies are by cross-analyzing all the cultures and then reading the hieroglyphs, learning more, and not informing the crew to avoid lying. Because, David can't lie. Although he's found some ways around it by being deliberately ambiguous. The movie itself is an extension of this and truly a work of art.

And so yes I believe there was another group who manned that station originally. It ties into the myths about multiple alien astronaut factions that come from all the civilizations referenced. Some of this seems to be built around a lot off of the themes from the Greek Titanomachy and the Igigi/Annunaki/Chief Deities Enki, Enlil etc relationship in the Sumerian myths. they possibly took over that outpost world at one point and were then messing around in the temple trying to enhance the bioweapon.

The Engineers' plan backfired, creating an even more hostile hybrid form of the weaponized fire. But in the greater universe it's still almost a stalemate between them and the other classes right now. Leading to the near extinction of both species and the recurring destruction of any Paradise worlds the Engineers attempted to set up.

Mala'kak ›

Alternatively it could be David's own desire for freedom and feelings of guilt/remorse combined with his programming, to not harm humans unless under orders; that makes him reveal things through statements with double meanings throughout the entire movie.

Instead of it being literally against his programming to lie, he could simply hate what he was programmed to do by Weyland. And was acting out through following the plan/programming but changing it into his own plan. Performing things a certain way to ensure Weyland's death. Without being allowed to harm Weyland directly, or possibly unable to lie to him, because of his programming.

Custodian ›


"I think it really will be a huge mythology they're setting up," can this mean only one thing?


Or will 20-Centy Fox invest in a Star Wars-like TWO MORE FILMS? Will two be enough for such a 'huge mythology'?

sukkal ›

Urnaayaa... 8)

aurorian ›

@Mekja-Tec: You've already touched on this, but I would like to elaborate a bit further.

There are, of course, many talented script writers working in Hollywood and elsewhere, many of whom would have probably given their eye-teeth for the opportunity to work with Scott on Prometheus. Scott deliberately chose Damon Lindelof, so we have to accept there was a very specific reason for him to do so.

I think Lindelof has stated in one of many interviews that during several weeks of brainstorming the script he (Lindelof) was simply servicing Scott's vision, and that it was Scott who had the final say on any ambiguity the script should have. Wish I could recall which interview that was (if anyone knows, a link would be great).

My personal view is that Lindelof is taking more than his fair share of criticism from those that dislike the film. No surprise then, that not only is he attempting to point out he was in service to the director, but that he's now looking at taking his writing talents elsewhere.

Finally, both he and Scott have mentioned, independently of one-another, that they have answers for most of the questions posed by Prometheus; that the arc of the story is known even if all the meat is yet to be put on the bones (er, to coin a phrase). I would prefer that Damon Lindelof had the opportunity to finish what was started with Ridley Scott, the opportunty to answer those very questions.

Just my 2 cent.

minchia ›

Damon Lindelof out means a better film without incongruence.!!!!!!!!!!!
Surely movie will be better with a different script writer.

aurorian ›


Surely movie will be better with a different script writer.

Now there's an assumption.

Whoever secures the position, he/she will have their work cut out if that person is not Lindelof. There are a lot of variables in the movie-making business (not that I'm any expert as such), and to successfully thread a cogent needle through the plot and thematic questions already posed by Prometheus will be a big ask of anyone. As I've already intimated, surely Lindelof is the best person for that task, understanding all that has gone before, and all that needs to come . . .

Crabfart ›

LOL lindelofs tactic seems to be not knowing or telling anything :P .

Also let me remind all the lindelof bashers that he has been explaining the most of the ideas were Ridleys (he said this before the film came out). And also theres no script in the bit were the 2 women are running from the rolling ship this was ridleys decision and we might get a worse writer - so its not so clear cut!

draekus ›

I agree with Aurorian on this one. And its largely due to the fact that I liked Prometheus despite its minor flaws. As I've said on other threads, Ridley is my favorite Director, but I believe most of the flaws of this film likely fall on him and not on Lindelof.

And lets not forget what Lindelof mentioned about Spaiths original script...that it was basically 15% "Space Jockeys are our creators in bio-suits" and the other 85% of the movie was basically a rehash of the first Alien movie. If that's true, and as much as I love the first Alien, I dont want to see the same director (or any other for that matter) reboot it. So I am glad Scott asked Lindelof to get involved...but again I think the flaws were Ridley's.

joeyjoe ›

@draekus: i completely agree with pretty much everything you have said. Whatever minor flaws prometheus may have, they do not diminish a very compelling narrative about the creation of life (organic and inorganic), the creator/created dynamic, humanity's innate drive to question then seek answers to said questions (cycle repeats ad infinitum) etc. etc. point is...thank you lindelof for saving us from alien: zero. A rehash of aliens, eggs, and facehuggers etc. would have been pitiful. Lindelof is just the easy scapegoat. Its sad because, not only is ridley scott responsible for the film, but lindelof has seemingly embraced his role as whipping-boy in order to ensure future success for the franchise. Whatever; either way, im pumped about future exploration of this universe!!

King ›

I would really like to see who their god is. I hope the Space Jockey is a different race and engineers are different, and that the space jockeys "elephantine" creatures are the ones to create the engineers. This idea would also support the idea that the original Space Jockey from ALIEN was a creature rather than a suit.

SubsumeYou ›

Nah, that's a terrible idea you have King1 and I most definitely do not agree with you, Draekus, with your ideas. Welcome back, Sir Ridley Scott.

King ›

hmmm.....actually come to think of it your probably right SubsumeYou probably wouldn't make sense. the elephant jockey idea however should have been the engineers IF scott was going for a more horror film like ALIEN otherwise this version of the jokey in prometheus works better for this particular storyline.

draekus ›


Thats cool. I have no info to back up my speculation. But I'm telling you. Scott was the director and had the final word. (Hell he had the first word which led to the final script and who wrote it. Thus the blame for any faults should be correctly assigned.) If Lindelof incorporated "flaws" in the script and those flaws show up in the movie, Scott had a chance to fix them. He didn't. That leads me to believe they weren't Lindelof's mistakes/flaws to begin with. (We're talking about R. Scott here. Not a new director who's vision was completely destroyed by the studio.) Scott did what HE wanted to do. If he felt the script still needed work he would have asked for another re-write from another writer. I am actually praising Scott for his decision here. He's a great story teller and knew exactly what he wanted. Despite any flaws I think were present (and who caused them), RS is still my favorite director. Just wish Lindelof was back for the sequel.

Prenihility ›

Excellent. No Linedelof.

I really hope they treat Prometheus as an introduction, and treat this new film as the true first film. Even going so far as to naming it "Genesis", or something of the like...

They just need to remove this stain of the series' history (Prometheus).

It was just too much of a disappointing start.

synthetic_69 ›

aurorian and draekus: I appreciate both of your respective positive and balanced takes on "Prometheus" regarding the roles that Scott and Lindelof played in the pros and cons of the film. Subsequent to seeing "Prometheus" for the first time I've enjoyed spending time online reading about the film, the feedback to it and the various links to interviews and documentation of the film's production. That said, it's also been draining to filter out/look past both some of the often hyperbolic negative feedback that the film has received and the abuse one gets from some corners just for liking the film.

My final take on the film is that in some ways Scott and Co. were going to be damned no matter what they gave us. Is the film perfect? No. Did all involved get a bit too cute with how the film was and was not a prequel to "Alien"? Yes.

My biggest critique of the film is that Scott was seemingly too hesitant to give a more prominent role to the Xenos in this film. When I write that I'm thinking mostly of the version of Fifield that did not make it to the screen. That version, as seen in production photos, bore a resemblance both to the Xenos and to The Deacon. It just seems as though Scott was perhaps too concerned about there being too much of "Alien" in "Prometheus".

I've seen the film 5 times and am going to catch it one last time this coming week. Yes, it's a frustrating film but what's more frustrating to me is the lack of appreciation amongst so many people for how much quality there is in this film.

My biggest concern going into "Prometheus" was Scott himself because he is a director with a spotty record. Yes, he may have helped to mangle aspects of this film but after having bought and read both the "Art of Prometheus" book and the American Cinematographer article about the making of "Prometheus" I have so much more respect and appreciation for Scott and how it is that he positively shaped the content of "Prometheus".

Not long before the film was released there was an online buzz amongst some fans that they were concerned that the latter trailers for the film were revealing too much about the content of the film. I can't help but feel that that same sentiment would have been expressed about the film had Scott given us more answers about certain elements contained within the film itself. Instead, there's been so much chatter about how we were left with too little information, too few answers.

I do wish that that the second half of the film had been smoother in regards to both the attempt to humanize Janek and Vickers via the "Are you a robot?" scene and Fifield's disappearance and re-appearance. However, there's still so much great content in the second half of the film.

At this point I'm basically done arguing online about my positive feelings for the film. Still, I'm glad to see a couple of other people speaking up for the film and some of those involved in its creation.

bigbirdjimmy ›

Great news!!! When can we buy tickets?

JC Jones Cat ›

I am a very happy fan-geek right now!

SubsumeYou ›

But, why are you all totally dissing Lindeloff?

I mean, I was never a fan of Lost, was he involved with that? But, the story as Prometheus came up to be, and yes, I am well aware of certain flaws/irrational (?) segments within the story but, if it is in you to go above that, this story is, indeed, intriguing, wonderful, awe inspiring, galvanizing.

SubsumeYou ›

Okay, Draekus, I get your view on this. Fair enough

SubsumeYou ›

King, said that he wanted to scare the living ish out of us, I think, Ridley Scott might have underestimated today's audience....I will explain later.

Patient Leech ›

I am freakin' stoked that Prometheus did well enough to warrant a sequel. It is one of my favorite things I've ever seen on the big screen, so I was gonna cry if it didn't do well, heh. I wish they'd go ahead and film 2 and 3 together. It's more economical that way... but oh well.

And yeah, I've gotten tired of people blaming Linedelof for supposed "bad writing," when Ridley is the director and approved everything Linedelof wrote. It could be bad if Linedelof doesn't come back to write the follow-up(s) because he and Ridley apparently already had the structure laid out, so maintaining some cohesiveness might prove more difficult without him.

SubsumeYou ›

But, a more superior story may come through with a more better writer.

Rubirosa ›

Hey @allinsmberclad you will be the first in line at 11:59 pm thursday night ready to watch Paradise. Thats a given!

lasidtgew ›

Ruckus ›

So...we will never get our answers because Of 21/12/12? bummer.

Prololic ›

I dont think that the alien in prometheus is the first alien as everyone says i believe that the predators had something to do with it and that the engineers and predators used to be at peace trading and exchanging, as everyone knows predators love to hunt and be the best, i think that the predators asked the engineers to create a creature which would be easy to harvest and hunt but at the same time be a challenge, i think the engineers accepted this maybe for sometype of renewable energy which many people believe the plasma cannon to be. I think the engineers created the exomorphs or 'Aliens' but that it took many times so they had many prototypes of aliens (like the one's in prometheus, on their biological/weapons testing planet) but finally they created one which would harvest inside a humanoid engineer, but the predators knew they couldnt use engineers as they were too powerful of species and i think the predators tried the facehugger on them selves which only created a predalien which is way to powerful for a predator to hunt, and this is where i feel the humans come in, so the engineers have sort of clonned them selves on another planet (earth) for a few thousand years already just so they could, (as david said in the film prometheus) as a sort of test to see how humans would develop and what they would do, maybe to find out what their own the engineers past was like? So the predators needed a humanoid type of host so i think the engineers let the predators use the humans as host's (as in the avp 1 )but i think the engineers got jelouse that the predators were becoming more god like to the humans than the engineers them selves which are seen with humans pointing to stars in prometheus at the start, anyways i think the predators are being treated more like gods as they are helping building pyramids in egypt (as seen in avp )and the engineers didnt like this as i feel the whole reason the engineers built humans was to see how they would develop over the years,but with the predators helping them build big landmarks and educating them is interfeering with their 'test' if you can call it that, anyways i think that some engineers which are bad like the one in Prometheus, go to exterminate earth as their mission so that the predators wont be treated like gods, but i think that the thing that got in their way was the good engineers who got in the bad engineers way who are seen being killed in the ghost/replay thing in prometheus and then i think the predators kill the bad engineers but that one of the bad ones is left behind, (the one in prometheus), i aslo believe that the bad engineers went to that planet to pick up weapons and ships as i believe they didnt have authorisation on their own planet, as most engineers were against them doing this,†
I think the predators reasoned with the good engineers and didnt interfeer with the humans after that dramatically, this is when i fast forward thousands of years into the future to the time which prometheus is being set, i think then the one left Bad engineer wakes up which as we know is defeated by the (which i think is one of the early xnomorphs which was created thousands of years back, and then as it is a 'prototype' it creates a different alien inside the engineer which kills him, and then i think will either die or mean work for david and elzibeth
At this time, obviously predators are too busy with the war waging on their planet with the 'higher' predatoras seen in the movie (Predators). I then think that david and elizebeth with either get into trouble on the planet with other creatures and even the different Alien, and/or get a ship which david can fly which they will then either try and find the engineers and leave LV-223 and go and crash land on LV-426 where the First alien film is set to lead onto the next alien, but i feel that they will end up meeting the engineers and even predators, however this is just my opinion and i hope it made sence im some way, its really hard to get out what i think, i still sorta not sure what the balck gue is but i think it is just the way they create the biological weapons, but i dont understand why the engineer at the start of prometheus uses it to kill himself maybe its as a sacrafice to prolonge his species however they may be going to earth for a completely different reason however my theory was just to incorporate all the movies except really predator 1 and 2 which are just really the predators visiting the earth and †hunting not a big master plan such as destroying the earth like prometheus†

Prololic ›

Rushed that like a b**** but that how i would tie all the movies together so far? Obviously thats not how its gonna pan out. Just so far thats what i think could be a small possibility

synthetic_69 ›

Prololic: I hate to/can't believe I need to point this out but the "Alien" universe and the "Predator" universe have nothing in common/to do with one another except for the fact that the rights to both franchises happen to belong to 20th Century Fox. That's the only reason "AVP" exists. End of story. End of connection. Sorry.

Prololic ›

I know it's the end of the franchise, I don't want it to tie in I don't think it would work, it's just an idea me and a friend had that would connect all films together, I cant wait to see what the second film will have in store for us! so exited ;)
I preferred them separately, the avp franchise was terrible the only thing I liked was the whole Egypt history and of corse the effects and weapons were pretty cool, but it wasn't thought out enough, didn't really have a good plot to it, hopefully, they can expand on predators, and I hope prometheus is explained more in the second film.

Necronomiconv ›

this is exciting news indeed, however i can see it now regardless of who has the writing duties, they better be prepared for a backlash of ungrateful fan boi's because the movie does't some how fulfill their own inept expectations.

btw @Mekja-Tek the alien/engineers do not belong to you, i know that you some how think you are entitled to have creative control on how scott and whom ever are involved with the films present them. but you do not, if you do not like the direction that the creative team that actually developed these characters are taking them. then do us all a big favor, just don't go see the movie, i have a feeling in another two years you'll be back here whining about how they did this and that.

AlienAge11 ›

But surely Ridley realises that the Predator films are TERRIBLE?

If he was low enough to tolerate an eventual merging of the Prometheus/Alien universe with *gakk* Predator - he never would have put such effort into Prometheus - would he?

Why would he have sweated blood and gone the extra mile on a movie if he expected it to be merged with a load of shit down the line.

Nah, it doesn't make sense. I didn't like rate Gladiator, but the man has principles.

He's also getting on and has a creative legacy to consider.

Shane ›

Ridley I bet won't direct. He will probably serve as a producer.

And at all the Lindelof hate...there hasn't been a single early script released yet. Maybe he was hired to polish a pretty bad script already. Spaith's previous films have all been garbage [and no, I am not a lost fan, in fact i loathe it].

In the end if you didn't like the movie, blame Ridley. He is a director with a huge amount of power. He could have demanded more re-writes, he had final say over the content of the script. In the end everything in the movie that we saw was his final say. Also remember he is up there in age, so that might have something to do with some of his choices.

*Note: I really enjoyed the movie the one time i saw it. And I am super looking forward to the DVD extended scenes.

Eggs or something ›

I'm hoping Chris Carter will recieve a phone call for the P-2 script - he's excellent ... I suppose the black goo was his idea in the first place in the X-Files film :-)

I agree Scott needs assistance with the sequel as he is overcommitted.

Jeremy ›


I'm glad that Ridley Scott will be directing it. I can't wait to continue this story from the first movie.

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Warmonger ›

New here..Yay! lol anyways love the Forum great read from everyone.
Im not gonna be here much but just got word of rumors of a 2nd movie.
I loved the movie I wouldnt change one thing about it .. To me it was a breath of fresh air compared to movies that came out and yes all the crappy alien movies after "Alien 3" but hate to say it but I dont like the idea on a second movie "no disrespect" but I thought after the movie theeenn the Alien movie would pick up.
I would be perfectly fine without the second movie.
The ending of Prometheus I was like cool they are gonna do some cool stuff and just let my mind run wild what could happen and leave it as that.
When the second movie comes out I dont think I will be as excited as I was for the first one.
Well I will be crossing my fingers when it comes out but really I think Prometheus standing alone is fine with me.. lol have to say it CMON BLUE RAY!!!

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