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Ridley Scott confirms Prometheus 2 is still on the way!

Author: Chris Picard | Oct-26-2013 7:04 PM

Naysayers be damned, Prometheus 2 is still happening, as we've persistently been reporting. From the mouth of Sir Ridley Scott himself, who spoke recently at a press junket for his latest film The Counselor, confirmed that Prometheus 2 is currently, still, being written. Skip to near the end of the video above to hear when Ridley addresses Prometheus 2's current status.


Notice Ridley refers to the film as Prometheus 2 and not Paradise - however, this could just be him using the same reference as the questioner used.

Title aside, the Prometheus sequel is definitely happening and is still on track. With Jack Paglen currently scripting the story, we'll hopefully hear more about Prometheus 2 in the next few months as The Counselor wraps up.


Special thanks to djamelameziane in the Prometheus Sequel Forums for letting us know about this news!


Let us know what you think by commenting below!

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Comments (13)

shambs ›

These are beautiful news! thank you very much Sir Ridley Scott and thanks Chris for the update :)

Mateos ›

Good news but, I have many questions about it, as tittle? Paradise? will he steer it again?

Mr Ruhaniya ›

Nice! too bad Issac Asimov and Arthur c Clarke weren't around to help write this epic tale about Paradise....LOST? whose paradise are we talking about?

Svanya ›

It will be Paradise enough for me if Fassbender is still in it. LOL!! xx

Gimm-e ›

Best news ever! Sir Scott, you have my full support! Make us proud.

joeyjoe ›

excellent news! cant wait!

Anunnaki50 ›

Yeah and finally more confirmation from Ridley himself.

Synapse ›

Excellent news, I hope many sequels will come.

Cerulean Blue ›

Thank-you Sir Ridley & do please make Prometheus 2 a priority!

tachito ›

Perfect I've just saw the news Thanks Ridley

Custodian ›

EXODUS, he revealed the name of Pro~2???

Oh, and also WHO MADE THAT GORGEOUS Pro~2 head image with the elaborate crest? Please? Forget it, I found it myself ...

Oh, and (I know this is an official forum) but what INSIDER KNOWLEDGE do you have, are you part of the Pro~s pre-production team? I'd love to know...


BigDave ›

I would assume that we may have to wait a while yet....

The thing is as i have said before, Ridley is no Spring Chicken and Cant Guarantee he will be up to Directing in 5 years time...

Ridley lost all control over how the Xeno went from after Aliens...

Therefore i would assume that he may sit down and go through with writers not only the plot and draft for Paradise but also Part 3, even if its just the basic ideas and plot points than full Draft....

I would also not be surprised if they Film Part 3 after Part 2 and even work on some scenes at the same time, so kinda like Back to Future Part 2 and 3....

By that while we may have to wait for Part 2 and it could come so many years after Prometheus once Part 2 is out i think we would only have a what 2 year Tops Wait if that for Part 3.... as i am sure Ridley will want to compete the Saga and explain some of the unanswered questions rather than leave it to late and have someone else come along and maybe then give us the link to Alien Xeno in a fashion that would make Ridley turn in his Grave.

jdmoore ›

Empire magazine posted an article today with a quote from Scott saying the script for Prometheus 2 is 'written'.

Another intriguing quote from the article is:

"I thought I’d left science-fiction for too long, that I had better climb back in. Prometheus was a great experience for me. Chasing number two, we can start evolving the grand idea…"

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