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Prometheus To Have 2 Sequels?

Author: Chris Picard | Jun-05-2012 12:33 AM

Yet another interview with writers Damon Lindelof and Jon Spaihts has surfaced via where yet again we are presented with hints that lead us to having not one, but two Prometheus sequels in the future!

Nrama: Going into the writing phase, was there a directive to not link this film directly to Alien, and leave room for a new franchise? How did you approach the story, knowing that you were expected to create a prequel that wasn't a true prequel, but something that didn't reboot things, either?

Lindelof: I think we were always looking at it in terms of the result of this movie being that it will have two kids. One of those kids is going to be Alien, and the other kid will be its own sort of genetic, original line, and that child – like Cain and Abel – is going to go off and have an entirely different set of its own kids and adventures that will feel like they are of the same universe. There's a particular feel to this universe in terms of the future that Ridley has designed and the characters that populate it. In terms of what the storytelling can be and the thematics are, this line is more interested in dealing with these larger, mythological constructs. And when we say mythology, we mean the essential, Greco-Roman mythology – the creation myths that involve gods that walk amongst us and meddle with us, versus a deity that started existing 2000 years ago that's something we pray to, but isn't in a conversation with us.

Spaihts: Yeah, it's not the abstract divinity of the monotheisms. The gods of Egypt and Greece meddled and were jealous and impetuous and fickle...

Lindelof: They sound like screenwriters...

Spaihts: [laughs] ... Or screenwriters bosses. But those were the gods of the mythology that we worked up. From the very beginning, we wanted as much runway as we could leave to make it possible to tell more stories in this space, but we also needed to tell a story that stood on its own feet and delivered a respectable feeling of completion at its close.

Read the rest of this interview here!

Thanks to Seeasea for the news!

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Comments (30)

shardy ›

let the Hater-ade flow..!!!

Leebalien1980 ›

Yay more hilariously bad acting ahoy!

sukkal ›

Oh! No hater-ade, please! (What a great term, though. I'm stealin’ that one!)

I think this is GREAT news. Just what I wanted.

If it all sux ass like Episodes I~III of ‘we know what,’ I just won't buy the DVDs. ;•)

But, it totally deserves a chance.

Next stop, flashback to Engineer Homeworld, please!

One of those writers (at least) should not have any problem with that! ;•)

Cypher ›

I think you've coined a phrase shardy!

But I still shiver to think what the ending of the 3rd movie will be like if Lindelof is allowed to continue writing for this franchise...........


Even though I didn't care for Prometheus, I would still love to see more sequels. I'm still hoping something good will come out of this. i think with a different writer, characters that actually have "character", creatures that are original, a better soundtrack, and of course better editing... I think something could be salvaged from the direction the story is taking.

hardboiled ›

Wow! There's some very bad reactions to this film on here. I didn't think it was that bad....well, the sound track was, but apart from that I go in with a blank piece of paper and see what comes out.

jono1975 ›

great film, stop jumping of other peoples negative bandwagon to get a raise out of people like me.

Ossiah ›

How can anyone call Fassbender's 'David' a piece of bad acting? The guy is fuckin brilliant....very convincing with plenty of "character". Put your massive tarring brush away...

The High Priest ›

Dear God,

Please get Lindeloff off this franchise - FAST.

He is now a proven fraud...I cant even stand to hear him talk his tangled convoluted talk after seeing the movie.

Emperors New Clothes!

mr pest ›

Id like to know who came up with the idea for a new franchise instead of a direct prequel?

surely at ridleys age he cant be thinking of doing another 2 and considering his dislike of where the other aliens films had gone and the fact he has other projects already in the pipeline did he really get the chance to make the film he wanted or did fox just say

Ridley before you pop your clogs can you give us a film that will keep this studio going for the next 30 years and we'll give your family a tidy chunk of the back end?


@ jono1975... dude, nobody is trying to get a "rise out of people like you", the fact is those of us who didn't like the movie, don't care about your opinion... your the one getting all butthurt cause we didn't like it. feel free to troll the (Liked) reviews if you want to hear opinions that are the same as yours ;)

Leebalien1980 ›

Cameron should direct the sequel with more blue "avatar" engineers

Melkor ›

Despite Prometheus being flawed, I would love there to be a very well-made sequel which addresses all our concerns and questions.

Ridley - one more chance! Haha.

My review here!

metalos ›

"One of those kids is going to be Alien..."

Doesn't mean this that, the Prometheus will got a sequel (first kid), and the Alien (the movie) is going to be it's second kid?

"and that child ..... is going to go off and have an entirely different set of its own kids and adventures that will feel like they are of the same universe."

And the Prometheus's sequel will got sequels (new kids), what is in the same universe, but definetley else from the main Alien franchise?

. ›

Interesting. Does anyone else think for a moment that the SJ would only bio-engineer (1) life form. Looking at the Temple of theirs in Prometheus, I would have to say they can mix-up just about anything their heart desires. In addition, one would think that this is not the only "Temple" in near space. By putting ones "eggs" in one basket is spelling trouble, and these folks seem way too intelligent for such a rookie mistake. The universe is so vast and unknown that this chance encounters on LV-426 could just the beginning of mankind's troubles as they expand out into the Cosmos.

abordoli ›

There are at least 5 more temples and 4 more juggernauts on LV-223! They just explored the first temple and flew out using the second temple's ship. There is tons to re-explore right there, not to mention the possibility of more sleeping engineers. The one they flew out on might have a sleeping engineer

John D. ›

Metalos is correct.

I read the interview cited twice, and it's obvious that the 'two children' Lindelof is talking about are:

1> Alien (1979)
2>Untitled/unconfirmed Prometheus sequel.

(If you have a kid, and that kid has a kid, then it's a grandchild.)

That's not to say that there won't necessarily be more movies to follow the Prometheus story itself - but by using the Cain and Abel metaphor, he obviously means Alien and the Prometheus sequel are siblings, both sired by Prometheus. They are the two "kids."

It's really bizarre sometimes how some rumors get started.

Digideus ›

Im happy with that. Lindelof has basically confirmed that Prometheus is a "prequel to the prequel" This is good

Rubirosa ›

Yes I can't stand watching Lindeldork speak. He always goofing around with a duffy look on his face, It's almost like he's laughing at the viewers.

WhyDontTheyFreezeHim ›

So this is why the movie felt sooooo rushed and didnt explain ANYTHING?
Well Im sorry but Ive lost my faith now. I wont be going to the cinema to see the sequels. I'll wait until theyre on TV.

robeeb_v ›

You know, this place becomes less and less appealing every day. Why? Because instead of interesting conversation, nearly every thread is filled with people saying for the 20th time already how much they despise this Lindelof fellow.

I'm not saying the negative opinions are wrong, or invalid. I'm just saying that the constant repetition of negative opinions that have already been made crystal clear in dozens of previous posts is becoming quite boring, and makes trying to find interesting conversation here tedious.

Cameron-to-the-rescue ›

@ robeeb_v

Lindelof needs to get off the Bathsalts, and get the fuck away from writing anything for Ridley Scott.
RS must know how shit Poometheus turned out, unless he has Alzheimers....Hopefully he does still have his marbles, and secretly, behind the scenes he is fuming... I would like to think so given the steaming pile of fecal matter I paid to see.

robeeb_v ›


I'm not disputing the opinions, I'm just saying that wading through the constant repetiton of those already well established and valid opinions is becoming awfully tedious.

CrazyDave55811 ›

So, uh, a Prometheus trilogy?

I have no problems with that.

msepsis ›

so.. where in this interview did anybody say anything about 2 prometheus sequels?

Are you talking about:
I think we were always looking at it in terms of the result of this movie being that it will have two kids. One of those kids is going to be Alien, and the other kid will be its own sort of genetic, original line...

Alien already happened. that's one kid. the other KID (singular) is Prometheus.. an "original line" which may mean there is a prometheus sequel (if this one doesn't flop as badly as I suspect it will/is) but nowhere did I read into this interview anything that seemed to infer 2 sequels.

richard_dyce ›

yea i culdnt find anythin in there that suggested two sequels, on the other hand ridley scott in an interview with bbc radio 5 did give some nice information which would also tie the film series into the original alien franchise. The point where he mentions it is around 2:10 - 2:35
Your text to link here...

cmutt ›

From the way I read it, perhaps they mean by "it will have two kids", is that the Prometheus story line can go in two seperate directions, or paths. One path could be a sequel which will somehow directly or indirectly tie-in with the events of the original Alien movie.

The other path may mean a sequel which will continue on with the storyline and events in Prometheus, dealing with creation and the origins of life concepts.

Prometheus, being the origin of the two paths, will simply serve as the starting point of the different stories, but it is not neccessarily the beginning of the events which take place within the stories. There is obviously some history that has taken place before Prometheus, we just don't know the history. Perhaps one, or both of the sequels will provide some insight and answers to that unknown history. But that's the beauty and genious of the movies imo... the mysteries of the unknown.

PhaseHuggerz ›

Prometheus is one of the best Sci-Fi thrillers to come out in decades, not worthy of greatness like Alien, but it was definately worth the price of admission and one that needs another movie. I didn't pay much attention to the music, but i thought the visuals and sound effects were brilliant and the story and plot flawless. It definatley answered alot of my questions about Alien

DizoAZ ›

Good find richard_dyce, in Ridley's own words, he said there could be 2 more sequels before we even get to Alien 1.

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