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"Maggies Dream";The Greatest Rock Band That Never Was...?..."

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Maggie's Dream was a alternative rock band formed by Dršco Rosa. The bandís stridency earned them a spot with Fishbone and Faith No More during their tours. Maggie's Dream was signed to Capitol Records and released only one album


About 23 years ago my younger brother of 3 years whom I hardly ever see cause we live far apart, hands me a cd entitled "Maggies Dream" and says, "I think it was Lenny Kravitz that found these guys first...let me know what you think"...and I still have that cd and am still listening to it and have still not told him what i think which is these guys were the single greatest Band that Never was. They did ONE album which hardly anyone heard, but ooooooooooo what an album, entitled the same just "MAGGIES DREAM"...


Lenny Kravitz sang back up on their demos before any of them became famous and signed record deals The lead singer, Lonnie Hillier I think his name is recently contracted some sort of cancer and most of the early members were whipped out in some sort of tragedy I do not remember the details about along with most of their families but, never the less. My point is that ONE album they made was sooooo incredible, here are two songs from it... I still listen to it regularly since my brother gave it to me and I would say it is right up their as one of my all time favorite albums ever made.





~Enjoy !!!

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Gavin Singleton

I spit on your "Maggies Dream"...


Long live NIN


All hail Trent Reznor...

Your God is dead, no-one cares. If there's a Hell, I'll see you there!


LO, Good ol' Seattle Rock N Rolla's !!!

Gavin Singleton

You want good music... try these...

Nine Inch Nails

How To Destroy Angels


The Doors


...and the God of Guitar... Jimi Hendrix



actually no snorklebottom I did not ask for that in fact what I wanted was to introduce a band that had some tragedy occur that perhaps not too many people here knew about.

Gavin Singleton

Heres a documentary about your Maggies Dream band.


Justin Bieber!

Um hello? *echoes*


Nice groups, like the all except that Canadian guy... Bieber LOL

How About

The Cult

and even Coldplay... it soothes the beast in me... like some others


NCC 1701

I hear ya Spart , When you get handed down a item,,,,something special ,,it sticks with you for a long time ,,

like my older brother when i was in grade 4 , he gave me a 8-track of Deep Purple ,,24 carret gold ,,,what did i do with it ????,,took it to school for show and tell and played it ,,,,teacher loved it ....

Good Tunes


Hey Spartacus! Just today, someone sent me a screen shot of your great comments about our former band, "Maggie's Dream, and I just thought you would like a more accurate description of the band's brief history. But first, I think it's very, very cool that you really dig the album! That is ultimately was music is supposed to do and that cannot appreciated enough; so thank you, times 1,000. I was the bassist and one of founding members of the band. The musical concept was already in place before Rob (Draco) joined. He did not form the band, we started the band; at least 3 of the songs were already written a least a year before we ever met Draco, then after he joined he was one of the co-composers of "Human", "Father, Mother, and I think "Dear Simone" and he was not "Draco" until he went solo, of course, he was part of MD and was a great front man. Lenny Kravitz was friends and in another band briefly with guitarists, Raf Hernandez and Danny Palomo a few years before, but Lenny did sing lead and background vocals on the demos of "Love and Tears" and "It's A Sin" about a year and a half before MD was signed to Capitol Records. Raf, Danny and I grew up in the same area and did attend to the same J.H.S. in NYC , I was a year ahead. I started playing with them around '87-88 when the concept was conceived as far as the style of music we were forming, we were all into the funk and and Raf and Danny were more into the Beatles, we all loved rock. We and Lenny did play one gig just for for fun at the China Club in NYC around 1987 or '88; also, singer/songwriter Jeff Gaines was the vocalist for a brief time after we were signed but decided to remain solo, we then waited about a year while as we continued to be signed to a development deal with Capitol before we met Rob, who was suggested to us through a friend of mine with whom I worked years before. In 1992, we recorded a 2nd album ("Elysium") which was never released. Maybe you can find some of those tracks on YouTube and other places on the web. So, I hope this clarifies a few things for you. Rob Rosa was the lead singer (now known as Draco) whom has cancer, unfortunately. Keep enjoying the music, all music. Peace!


And, all of the other members are doing okay, btw.


Peace !

I am blown away!

Thank you so much for your response.

I checked out the song "Stranger" on You Tube from Elysium and was most impressed !!!

Is their AMY chance of this thing being Kick Started again ?

The Lead at the end of that song is incredible by the way man and you have to be the coolest dude I have never met!

LOL...Keep On Rocking and let's please stay in touch, I want to be a member of the band!

You have free room and board in Montreal man for life, plus BBQ and all the Sangria and or Beer you can handle!

Need ya to teach me some of the licks in "Between Fear & Desire" as well.

or at least the base line!

Cheers From MTL.


24THESHO - I was also given a Maggie's Dream CD - from a friend who was a DJ at the University of Georgia radio station, back in 1991, and I was immediately blown away. I grew up listening and singing gospel, and this album still raises the same hairs on my neck to this day. The harmonies, the rhythms, the gritty feel, the gospel back-up vocals, the heart-felt lyrics - everything makes this an album that transcends trends. It is one of my all-time favorite albums, and one that I have probably listened more to, throughout my time having this album. Is there any way that I could get a hold of the score for "Fly"? The next time you're in Austin Texas, hit me up and we'll grab a beer. - Alex www.MINIM.IS


I'm down for that. lol.


I can't believe it took me this long to come across anyone else who knew this band! I worked at a small radio station in upstate NY from 1989-1991, and we played the hell out of "Love and Tears". I had a giveaway cassette copy of the album, which got lost in some move many years ago. A while back I tried to track down a digital copy, but for the life of me could not remember "Dream" as the name, and kept thinking "Farm" for some horrible reason (as I hate that Dylan song). I was a huge Lenny Kravitz fan from then as well, and the two were a perfect blend of melodic rock.

I was ready to start asking for a new copy of the album, but just came across it on both iTunes and Amazon, and surely downloaded it so that maybe the band can get enough residuals to split a beer or something!


And 24thesho (if you're notified of new posts), it was very cool of you to offer the update - did you or any other members stay in the music business?


Anyway, glad this little gem continues to get some deserved recognition!



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