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Too many scenes copied from other movies

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-Star map. Done before in "Stargate"

-Character mutates after drinking a spiked drink . Done before in "Leviathan"

-Andrioid questioning his humanity. Done before in 'Blade Runner", "A.I.", "Bicentennial Man", etc

-Pilot crashes into alien ship to save earth. Done before in "Independence Day"

-Bad guy seeks answer to gain immortality. Done before in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade"

-Two alien creatures attack each other while the human survives. Done before in "Alien vs Predator"

-Foreign alien substance holds key to life. Done before in "2001: A Space Odyssey" (the monolith)

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@ Svanya - I don't think that's what he meant. I think David meant that they don't make androids into bigoted arses that discriminate against robots like Brian Marshall Greene, er...Holloway. lol Sorry I couldn't pass that one up.




Originality is dead. Only the juxtapositioning of differing ideas makes it seem new.

-The star map was done out of need: how else would the ship navigate.
-David at least gave Charlie a choice. In Leviathan they had no idea it was spiked.
-Androids are supposed to question their humanity. That's what we get for making them in our image.
-Sacrifice is an old plot device. A very noble one that still gives me chills.
-Bad guys always want to live forever. How else would they manage their hard won empire.
-Let the aliens kill one another. You reap what you sow.
-The substance wasn't really a key, more like a key-smith making combination locks.


So by that same logic EVERY single horror movie, rom com, satire, action flick have ripped off another movie. Well, time to just stop watching them altogether out of fear of seeing similarities.


Lawrence of Arabia... totally a rip off. Been done before.

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@ Freeze, yup, completely, except it was called real life when it happened the first time haha I kid, I kid.

But it was based on a real person who did exist though.

Honestly, originality isn't dead, it's just we've been subjected to so many things over the course of cinema that we see comparisons everywhere. And some of these in PROMETHEUS are supposed to be references

- David's "quiet time" during the voyage is such a complete nod to 2001, even down to the "Good morning David" line.

And you know what? That's okay lol. I think it's cool to be sitting in an audience where there are people who DON'T get the reference. Take some pride in the fact that you got what the writer or director was attempting to show you. Yes we'd all like to see something we've never seen before, but hey, Snyder did it with Sucker Punch and people want him lynched for it remember?


^needless to say, but yes... Har... I got ya.

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Actually, David didn't wants to be human at all, remember when Holloway asks why David is wearing a spacesuit when he doesn't need to breathe and says: "They are making you just like us now" and David replies " Not too close, I hope".


wonder how Logan Austin-Green feels that a 4 ton, 18 tentacled, xeno-squid was more likable than he was?


you missed the scene taken from Aliens...

Ripley drives the military vehicle into the complex to save the marines. While driving an Alien attacks through the windshield and she hits the brakes and drives over it killing it with the tires.

A driver of the wheeled vehicle on Prometheus drives over mutant Fifield in a very similar shot. Only it doesn't kill him... oddly.


Or <a fake boy yearns to become real> Pinocchio.
Or the CryoPipes from Matrix.
Or.... it's evident that Lindelof's been a TV-watcher rather than a book reader, imho. Every narrative element surfaces from his years of watching crappy 'programming' like Friends or Third Rock From the Sun or....

Anyway, originality has been dead for millennia, that's not the point here.

The real point is CAN LINDELOF (or whoever picks up the second/third part of the Prometheus trilogy/TV series) FIX THE PROBLEMS with the whole Engineer Universe?

I'm not SOLD yet, on that enormous task.

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Their was music from "A.I." and a ST-DS9 sounding score, references galore to Alien, & Aliens, references to the 6o's rock scene, references to 2001: A Space odyssey, any references to the "Star map"... Done before in "Stargate"...are "Moot"...IMHO...because that film although fun to watch wasn't even in the same league as this one in terms of entertainment value and subject matter..and let's not even talk about the acting in that film please...Pllleeease...or the dialogue...or Kurt Russel's "Zippo". My point is Great directors do this all the time and this is a basic film convention. It actually is part of artistic license and polishing a film properly if you ask me, no good director would ever make something like this without a whole crop of fresh nods to popular culture and I even felt the dialogue was deliberately "dumbed down" to reflect once again, the different class origins of the crew as in Alien & Aliens. There were references to Lawrence of Arabia" and great Big Questions could be/were derived to man kinds eternal struggle to not just live..."but to understand our origins and why" and to achieve something significant while we do! Good films, I guess my point is, do this all the time.


and not only so I think they can and will continue the story I think this first film sets up whatever they decide to do perfectly ! Lindelof was right as well, from this point they still have to go further away from the Alien Connection to get any closer to it again !


@ Jim HAHAHA I'm sorry I laughed so hard at this cause I HATE this dude. I mean his biggest role before this was "The OC" need I say more? I was really worried about his casting and honestly? His character's bigotry and irritating lines I think worked in his favor lol

Also, during the scene when the Engineer's stasis-pod was opened I turned to my friend and went,
" We are the Borg, resistance is futile!"
That's pretty much what it reminded me off lol



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