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Topic Age of the Derelict ship



Posted Apr-07-2012 12:52 PM

In Alien the derelict ship seems to be thousands or millions of years old and this I found to be more chilling for the film. I hope that this new film doesn't remove that idea and show the ship to be only a few years before the Nostromo arrives. Does anyone know how old the ship is supposed to be?




Posted Apr-07-2012 12:59 PM

Not really but I think it's been on that planet for a few thousand!



Posted Apr-07-2012 1:19 PM

There is a long discussion of this in the Fossil? post yesterday. A lot of people are making this gigantic leap in logic and I think it's kind of silly. They are assuming that the the ship/SJ in Alien is one of the ships/SJs in this movie, and therefore the "fossilized" SJ/chair in Alien doesn't make any sense. Given the fact that Ridley left any and all information about the SJ/ship in Alien out of that movie to make it scarier and mysterious as well as the fact that he said this is not a prequel, I think it's pretty ridiculous to assume that we are going to learn much about that ship in this movie. Even further, producing such an iconic image/idea with the SJ/ship in Alien and then leaving the rest to imagination shows a real knack for understanding storytelling (what to explain and what not to explain). I would highly doubt that storytellers like Damon and Ridley are going to just gloss over a detail that added so much for people like you and me. My theory is that we may only learn about that ship by learning about the customs of that race via the crew of Prometheus' entanglement with the temple. In other words, we'll learn why a derelict-type ship would be filled with eggs wrecked on a deserted planet. To think that that race has been doing this for thousands or millions of years via the fossilized remains in that ship then adds a component of awe to this story, IMO.



Posted Apr-07-2012 1:35 PM

That discussion is [url=]here[/url] by the way.



Posted Apr-07-2012 11:02 PM

Whiskuz is wrong. I happen to know. This is a prequel to Alien and this is the same ship and SJ. We will learn the truth and it will test our very belief in creation and what else is out there. The Blue Humanoid is an advanced race of beings who was able to store their DNA which is uncovered. One of them who was a king among his race/people will be brought back to life through the synthesis with the human DNA from the Prometheus crew. That is how the Egyption kings and queens mummified themselves based on what the humanoids taught them but where not able to fully master such, e.g. The part of reincarnation which the humanoids have done. The SJs worshiped and served the humanoids. They may be slaves to the humanoids and are very good engineers and space travelers as well. The humanoids played with DNA of various species and traveled to the vast ends of the galaxy. No one from Prometheus survives but there will be a communication through the synthetic that will make it back to Weyland (the company) which will serve his company for years to come and thus sends the Nostomo in the future to the planet where the ship and eggs have been all these years. Weyland is in essence reincarnated in the future basest on the technology that was found on this trip.



Posted Apr-07-2012 11:05 PM

Jedijohnryan...Oh you know, do you........How, pray tell, do you know? and please, be specific.........



Posted Apr-08-2012 1:44 AM

Here is a possible cliffhanger then. What we see in the trailers is NOT LV426 and NOT the same derelict ship that we saw in Alien. But, the survivors at the end of this movie discover the secret. That another ship has been marooned on another planet/moon (ie LV 426) for thousands of years with a very dangerous cargo . . . there is your tie in to Alien. But who knows? I may be so wrong!



Posted Apr-08-2012 5:50 AM

yeah, it is NOT the derelict of ALIEN. looks similar, but different. fossilization is a process that turns organic material (when under layers of earth under heat and pressure) in millions of years into stone. the SJ isnt fossilized, maybe dallas meant it looked so because of the bone suit.. the problem is, when the SJ body /suit is organic the would just decay in a few years, a bit slower in space, or more probably freeze.The bacteria we use to carry around would freeze... interesting question as we know the planet has atmosphere..



Posted Apr-08-2012 3:15 PM

Very interesting. If the planet and ship are the same from Alien/Aliens and Prometheus is a prequel to Alien then we have (at least) a couple of questions to answer: (1) How does LV-126 come to have the poor atmosphere/conditions/terrain that we see in Alien and Aliens? Perhaps the crash sets off some sort of chain reaction that changes the planets position/environment? This is possible. (2) How does the SJ become fossilized/very old? I can't imagine there is [u]that[/u] much time between when it crashes/dies and the Nostromo is sent on it's mission. Same answer as for (1). Another question is about the transmission the Nostromo responds to. It's of 'unknown origin' to the Nostromo crew, but if it came from the Prometheus, you'd think we know what it says (Of course the company could disquise it...). ... Lots of questions and opinions; can't wait to see the movie!



Posted Apr-08-2012 6:02 PM

The derelict ship is very old, because events of Premetheus (which lead to that alien ship crashing on the appropriate planet) take place on Earth when it was terraformed by the Engineers, since Prometheus travels not just through space but through time.

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