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Prometheus Movie & Prometheus Sequel, Alien: Covenant News.

Prometheus Movie, Prometheus 2 Sequel News

2016-02-13 11:51:40 - In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream. An iconic film which shaped generations of sci-fi / horror films to come. Alien is a masterpiece and a film that can still envoke fear and wonder even after repeated viewings. We here at Scified began as an Alien-focused fan site before expanding to wh...

Prometheus Movie, Prometheus 2 Sequel News

2016-02-10 20:59:29 - Commonly known for his roles in more comedies than action / sci-fi / thrillers, Danny McBride is reportedly being eyed for a role in Ridley Scott's upcoming Prometheus sequel, Alien: Covenant! Likely for the role of one of the crew members on board the vessel COVENANT, ...

Prometheus Movie, Prometheus 2 Sequel News

2016-02-10 20:39:43 - Following the Fire and Stone series from Dark Horse Comics comes Prometheus: Life and Death. The cover art for the series' first issue, by Dave Palumbo can be seen below thanks to the folks over at, who revealed the artwork last night. The cover for Prometheus: Life and De...

Prometheus Movie, Prometheus 2 Sequel News

2016-02-10 13:27:13 - As some of you may have noticed, Scified has evolved into a completely new platform - putting fans first and highlighting their content for all to see and share. The Scified platform has become a much more cohesive environment for fans of various fandoms to interact with one another. To celebrate&nb...

Prometheus Movie, Prometheus 2 Sequel News

2016-02-09 12:27:31 - Aspiring directors can apply for the chance of a lifetime - to work next to Ridley Scott while he directs the follow-up to Prometheus, Alien: Covenant! The initiative is being put on by the Australian Director's Guild as well as Screen Australia and will be available in Sydney throughout the month o...

Prometheus Movie, Prometheus 2 Sequel News

2016-02-07 10:36:13 - For those of you who may not have read Prometheus: Fire and Stone from Dark Horse Comics, the series introduced some truly wild and terrifying Xeno-creations to the expanded universe. From mutated sharks to massive black-goo infected ants, these Xenomorphs would make for some great antagonists on-screen....

Prometheus Movie, Prometheus 2 Sequel News

2016-01-29 18:14:41 - It comes as a mild surprise that Ridley Scott has stated the Proemtheus lead actress, Noomi Rapace will not be returning to reprise her role as Elizabeth Shaw in the upcoming sequel, Alien: Covenant. Speaking with the Daily Mail Scott revealed that they were still casting the lea...

Prometheus Movie, Prometheus 2 Sequel News

2016-01-28 14:36:13 - A new casting call for Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant has been posted and is looking for actors between the ages of 8 and 40, who are both strong, agile but also very skinny. Tall or short, being very skinny is a requirement, which leads us to believe these actors will be playing the roles of either Xenomorph...

Prometheus Movie, Prometheus 2 Sequel News

2016-01-14 15:00:42 - Recently Sir Ridley Scott, director of 1979's Alien and 2012's Pometheus attended the Golden Globe awards where he received an award for Best Motion Picture (Comedy o Musical) for his 2015 sci fi hit The Martian, starring Matt Damon. Speaking backstage, the British director spoke about his next project Alien...

Prometheus Movie, Prometheus 2 Sequel News

2016-01-08 18:05:24 - I am the founder and co-host of Perfect Organism: The ALIEN Saga Podcast. Recently, Peter, my co-host sat down with Chris Picard, the CEO and founder of (and notable others) and we began what would be nearly an hour and a half discussion on all things ALIEN.

Prometheus Movie, Prometheus 2 Sequel News

2016-01-04 10:26:46 - This article is an opinion piece written by Pete, of the Perfect Organism Podcast. Alien: Covenant is the hotly anticipated sequel to 2012's Prometheus, directed by Ridley Scott. It is reported that Covenant will propel fans one step closer to unraveling the mysteries surrounding the Alien saga, and t...

Prometheus Movie, Prometheus 2 Sequel News

2016-01-02 09:54:08 - Ridley Scott's Prometheus ignited a multitude of creativity from the then-dormant Alien fan community. With its sequel, Alien: Covenant on the way, hype is at an all-time high again within the community. The Alien fan base is known to house many talented artists and today we're f...

Prometheus Movie, Prometheus 2 Sequel News

2015-12-31 05:46:38 - It has been confirmed that Alien: Covenant will take place 10 years after the events of Prometheus and will feature a re-invented design. Speaking recently to Collider, Costume Designer Janty Yates (who also worked with Ridley Scott on The Martian and Pro...

Prometheus Movie, Prometheus 2 Sequel News

2015-12-17 19:07:55 - Breaking news! Co-star of last year's movie Inherent Vice, Katherine Waterston has been cast as the lead in Ridley Scott's highly anticipated Prometheus sequel, Alien: Covenant! Not only that, but her character's name has also been revealed as Daniels. Early interviews with Sc...

Prometheus Movie, Prometheus 2 Sequel News

2015-12-14 18:06:03 - Game of Thrones actor Conan Stevens is currently being eyed for a role in Ridley Scott's Prometheus sequel, Alien: Covenant according to an anonymous source who claims to have insight to the film's casting. The role he is apparently being considered for is that of an En...

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